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Simple Habits

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4 months ago

Changing your lifestyle is a critical point in your life. And though it sounds very drastic, it takes only simple habits to do it. They are simple that you could do some of them within a minute but it's the commitment to do these habits that makes it difficult. You may be frustrated as you look at other people and see how healthy their lifestyle is compared to yours - and though to compare different individuals is toxic, it is unavoidable - so take this comparison as a motivation to start changing your life.

It may not be a big step, but it would make a contribution. You don't have to go straight working directly on your goal like starting a business. It may be small as brushing your teeth then flossing afterwards. My example may sound dumb but yeah that's what I'm thinking at the moment. It's because I saw a tiktok video about the importance of flossing and I'm like wow I should do this hahaha! And if you are not a drinker, you may start with one glass every after meal and in between meals. You may also exercise for a couple of minutes, aside that you're washing out toxins from your body through that, you are also helping yourself consume more water. Oh speaking of water, I know there are bottled water. What's the difference anyway aside from the different taste?

Life is not a race you know. But don't be so caught up with that adage, get up and try to make a difference. You don't wanna die just being frustrated at things you wanna do but too lazy to do, right?


I don't know why I keep writing about self-improvement. I can't even wake up at 6 am to try and make a difference in my life. I'm only a teen, why is life this hard! What more would it be for adults? Now it's surreal to think that some people got to live past 100, I wonder what makes them happy that never get them bored of life. Good night!

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