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1 year ago

I walked pass the sugar mill along the roadside of this foreign small town. It was abandoned as shown by the decaying stone wall and moss clinging onto it. The door was opened in an angle, enough to see that all was there were stacks of hay. I hurried my pace for night is about to fall, not knowing where to go.

My car was stolen while I was at a gas station's store, looking for an energy drink to fuel me up for my supposed to be hours of drive to visit my grandparents who live at the farm. But now I can't even tell where I am. This town lacks road signs and the neighborhood does not seem friendly at all.

I remember passing this town when I was a little girl when we used to visit my grandparents every summer. It has always looked solemn and mysterious to me. I never thought that one day I'm gonna be stuck here.

Awhile ago, I approached a little girl who was playing at the park but before I could even say a word, she ran away with her worn-out teddy bear with its one eye missing. This town looks isolated from the innovation going on around the world, and so are the people.

I found a shop that was about to close and found my way to let the owner sell me some of his chocolate bars. It was minutes of begging him not to close the glass door of his shop before me, before I succeeded.

"Where are you staying? I suppose you are not a local," he says as he hands me my change. His right eye was devoured by cataract, I bet he couldn't see with it at all. He smells like tobacco and his hair is grey.

"Oh." I thought of an answer. I do not know at all. It's my first time getting my car stolen and finding myself in a strange town. "I'll just walk around I guess until I find a car that could give me a lift. Uh, do you have a phone?"

My phone was in the car so I don't have anything to call my friends or family. The old man shook his head at my misfortune as I told him what happened.

"You really shouldn't be outside at this time. Find a place to stay in before 11, will you?"


I walked in slow pace, finally accepting the fact that this twist could be a part to make my trip an adventure. Nibbling on a chocolate bar and enjoying the blow of the cold wind against my skin, I sat on a curb as I looked up at the sky. I looked at my watch and scoffed at the time. I don't know what the old man seemed to be so worried about staying outside past 11, no one is even around. No harm.

"Hello there," said a deep voice.

"Oh s--" I held a hand to my chest and took a deep breath to regain my posture. "I'm sorry, I thought I was alone."

The handsome man stepped out of the dark and smiled. His skin was pale white and it was even more emphasized by his dark clothing. He was wearing a silver necklace and he smelled of expensive perfume.

"What are you doing here outside late at night?"

The time says it's a couple of minutes past eleven. I finished my chocolate bar and stood up. "Just out for a late night walk. How about you?"

"Sure am too." He smiled and started walking, leaving a trail of scent behind. The moon is shining bright. I could hear the sound of the waves from a distant and so is my beating heart.

I wondered why I couldn't see any vehicle in sight.

I found myself following him to a quarry, seemed to be under the spell of his smell. He was calm and deep in thoughts along the way so I didn't bother say a word. His face does not display any sense of emotion. Then he said, " You really shouldn't be out by now."

"Why not, there isn't even a curfew."

His cold hand landed on my shoulder, the night getting chillier as well. He then stared into my eyes.

"You really think I don't know what you are?" He let out a low growl. "You are a vampire hunter."

I froze in horror. How did he know? I made myself believe that my car was stolen and was left here in this God forsaken town. So they couldn't find anything when they try to read my mind. So I don't look suspicious at all but...

I quickly glanced away from his beautiful eyes that were blood red by now which means he is hungry for my blood. It is a shame that he is able to unveil my identity before I could even drive a stake bathed with holy water and carved with Latin prayers straight to his chest. Why a vampire has to be staked through their non-beating heart, I don't know why. But from a family of vampire hunters, that is the only way to kill one as my ancestors say.

I was about to pierce him with a dagger I involuntarily grabbed beneath my shirt. Hey, this is my first mission so I am an amateur and my brain right now is not working so well. But my human speed was no competition to his supernatural one. He held both of my hands over my head with a single hand, his strength is like being handcuffed with a thick iron chain.

"You look just like someone I knew, yet your skills are nothing like hers."

Everyone told me that I looked exactly like my grandmother. Vampire hunting is composed of small numbers where everyone knows each other. So it can't be a surprise if she is pertaining to Esmeralda, my grandmother.

Damn. He could be the vampire she's been looking for her whole life. During her lucid days, she would tell me about a vampire named Benedictus whom she fell in love with. They fell in love with each other.

"Esmeralda," I whispered.

Not even a second when let go of my hands, when I found myself being choke. He lifted me up from the ground. "You know her?" He growled. My legs were kicking him but no use and my hands were on his dead cold hands, trying to look for a crack where I could loosen his grip around my neck.

"B-benedictus." I say while looking straight into his eyes. His eyes were black by now. Hunger replaced with anger?

"Go to hell, Esmeralda. You fooled me!" His grip tightened even more and I could barely breathe.

"S-she l-loved you."

His grip loosened and I was thrown to the ground with a tight throat. His eyes were back to green and before I could tell him that my grandmother has passed away, a wind blew to my face. He was gone.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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