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Enjoy Being A Kid

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1 year ago
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For the first time in a while I was able to look at the sea at night again. The fireflies were flying around the leaves of the tree where I was sitting and my feet were absently scratching the surface of the sand that offers comfort to my soul somehow. But I think what really keeps my soul alive at that moment was the peace of mind that the setting offers.

As I stare at the lonely ocean with the starless sky above it, I couldn’t help but reminisce the days when everything was okay. I’m talking about the life as a little kid. Adults would tell me not to rush growing up because it only bares a lot of problems and that I should enjoy every moment of it… and I wish I listened to them.

Now that I am no longer a kid, I come to realize that they were right. I should’ve enjoyed those moments when I was only a child and all I had to worry about was the games I’m going to play. I miss those times when I didn’t have to worry about my grades, when sleeping at night was never a struggle, when dating someone was an impossible thing to happen, and when I didn’t overthink of things.

As someone in my youth with a realization coming from my childhood times, I vow to enjoy every moment of it as I take every step of becoming an adult. It’s inevitable so I should face it and make the best out of it. I may not be someone who is known for something or with a great talent. But each of us has our own path.

Walking out from the place which brought realizations of life, I drowned in silence. And I wish I could tell all the kids in the world to enjoy being a child and that they will be contented in how they spend their childhood days. No regrets as they grow old. And as happy as they could ever be.

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