Sun, Moon, and Cricket

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2 years ago

In ancient times, trees that were the habitat of crickets were still prevalent in the environment. There are few people in the world, the country is plentiful.

One day, the Moon and the Sun travel through the cloud. This couple is happy. The Sun is beautiful and the Moon is beautiful. They have a son. They love their son so much. They enjoy happy family life.

Their family fun was interrupted by a dispute. It only started with a small argument, until they exchanged heavy words. Moon was angry. The broom was struck on Sun's cheek. Day left because of a wife's anger.

One day, while Moon was bathing their son, Sun came up. He threw the hot water on his face. Moon exclaimed. It broke its beautiful face. Because of Moon's frustration over what happened to her, she dropped her son and fell to the ground.

It is said that this child was the cricketer. It cries whenever the sun goes down in the west. He wanted to see his parents who had been separated from him for a long time. Because of the anger of the couple, they were no longer together. If only the Sun could be seen by day, then the moon would appear at night.

Moral Lesson:

Stop raising the small dispute. Humility is of utmost importance so that companionship becomes stronger and happier.

Always think about the consequences of the decisions you make. Poor things can happen to people who may be affected by the wrong decisions you have made.

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