El Filibusterismo Chapter 4: Tales of Tales

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Tandang Selo who used to live in the forest with Basilio was old. Her son Kabesang Tales is now Kabesa de Baranggay. She has three children, Lucia, Tano, and Juli. Lucia and her husband died of malaria. Only Tano and Juli are alive.

They are already rich because of perseverance. Kabesang Tales was associated with the farm investor and for a while accumulated some ground in the forest. When asked if there was no owner in the land, he made it a spring.

He also thought that Juli was going to college to match his girlfriend Basilio.

As the field progressed, the friars claimed it and paid tribute to Kabesang Tales. The priests raised the tax, and when Kabesa failed to pay for it, he opposed the friars.

Kabesang Tales brought it to court to fix the problem. But Kabesa was defeated because the government was under the influence of the friars.

When Kabesang Tales was unable to pay taxes, he still fought the land by guarding it.

In his watch he carried a rifle that was confiscated by a friar. He later took what he had brought but the priests banned it again. Eventually, Kabesa brought an ax to the watch.

The robbers later arrested Kabesang Tales for finding money and paying a lawyer for his case. He was redeemed for 500 dollars.

In order to redeem the father, Juli sold her jewelry except for the gift of her fiancé, a locket owned by Maria Clara.

When the ransom failed, he went to work at Hermana Penchang's house.

It was Christmas eve and the next day he would serve as a maid. Because of this incident Juli was no longer educated.

It was a nightmare for the girl's dream that night.


Tax - duties; government fees; tax

Bone - a big knife; bolo

Kabesa de Barangay - Village head of the Spanish period

Serve - serve

Naidlip - asleep

Cultivated - planted

Advancement - development

Pottery - a container for cooking; pots

Knee - middle

Seized - taken or exiled

Writing - people blocking people traveling to steal

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