El Filibusterismo Chapter 3: The Legends

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Father Florentino came across as people laughing on the deck. Priests are talking about the vigilance of Filipinos and the prosecution of church fees.

Simoun later arrived. He said he was unwell and did not see the steering wheel. He couldn't tell her any place he could find if there were no legends.

Thus, the Captain began to recite the legend of the Broad Rock.

According to the Captain, it was supposed to be sacred to the indigenous people as the home of the spirits. When it was said that the robbers were living in fear of the spirit, the robbers instead of being afraid.

The Captain mentioned the legend about Donya Geronima and invited Father Florentino to tell the legend.

There is a boyfriend in Spain and the man is the archbishop of Manila. The woman allegedly pretended to be in a relationship with her boyfriend in Manila and demanded that she obey the promise of marriage.

But the archbishop thought otherwise. Instead of getting married, he stayed with her in a cave near the Pasig River.

Ben Zayb adorns the legend. Donya Victorina was envious and wanted to live in a cave.

Simoun asked Father Salvi, “Don't you think it would be best to put him in a stateroom like Sta. Clara? ” The priest answered Simoun's question and said he could not judge the actions of an archbishop.

To make matters worse, the legend of St. Nicolas saved a Chinese from crocodile deaths. The crocodiles became the rock of the Chinese saint's saint.

When the boat reached the lake, Ben Zayb asked the Captain where a Guevarra, Navarra or Ibarra had been killed.

The Captain pointed out where. In the water, Donya Victorina was still searching for a trace of death thirteen years ago since that incident.

Father Salvi said the father was with his son's body. Ben Zayb added that this is the cheapest funeral. Others laughed.

Simoun lost his temper and was speechless. The Captain had just assumed it was dizzy because of travel.


Grass - creeping plants

Crash - wait

Fortress - wall

Blazing - collapsed

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