El Filibusterismo Chapter 2: Under The Deck

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Simoun goes under the deck. Because all the goods and cargo are also located there it is very crowded in the area for passengers.

At the bottom of the deck were two students, Basilio who studied medicine and was a good healer, and Isagani who was a poet and had just finished Ateneo.

The two spoke with Captain Basilio where their conversation with Captain Tiyago went through. He was sent home, said Padre Irene, who had been the captain's advisor for the last day.

The talk went into the students' school of teaching Spanish. Captain Basilio said it would not succeed. The two young men opposed it. Captain Basilio was soon to leave.

They talked about Paulita Gomez, Isagani's girlfriend, the beautiful, wealthy and well-educated nephew of Donya Victorina. The World is looking for Isagani for his wife, Don Tiburcio de Espadaña. It is still in the home of Father Florentino, the young man's uncle, hiding.

Simoun arrived shortly and spoke with a friend. Basilio immediately introduced Simoun to Isagani.

According to Simoun, he did not visit Basilio province because their province was poor and could not afford jewelry.

Isagani denies this and says they don't buy jewelry because they don't need it. Simoun smiled at what the young man said. He explained that the province he mentioned was poor because the priests in the church were Filipino.

Simoun invited a friend to drink a beer but the two declined. According to Simoun, Father Camorra said that Filipinos are so lazy that they drink water and not beer.

Basilio responded and said, "Tell Father Camorra that if he drinks water instead of beer, he will probably lose the cause of the talks."

Isagani added, “kneeling on the wine and the beer that extinguishes the fire; that when heated is pushing; it becomes a vast expanse and destroys the landscape. ”

Simoun asked what he would answer if Father Camorra asked when the water would be so wide and wide.

Isagani answered him “when it is heated by fire; once the small rivers of water are joined together into the depths of human digging. ”

Basilio also recited a poem by Isagani about helping fire and water operate on a steam engine. But according to Simoun it was a dream because the machine was still to be found.

When Simoun left, Isagani had just met the jeweler, also known as Cardinal Moreno.

Later a messenger came to call Father Florentino's nephew. But the captain saw the priest and was invited to go up to the deck.


Anyways - it works

Interact - get along

Redheaded - embarrassed

Backwards - backward

Welcome - welcome back

Obstacle - barrier

Sumabat - moan

Injured - hurt

Opposition - a strike

Existing - serving

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