El Filibusterismo Chapter 1: On The Upper Deck

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The Canoe Ship sailed down the river Pasig one December morning. It headed for Laguna and on the deck were Don Custodio, Ben Zayb, Donya Victorina, Captain General, Father Irene, Padre Salvi, and Simoun.

People have high regard for Simoun because they are well aware, especially in Manila, that it has influenced Captain General.

Due to the slowness of the steamboat as they were traveling, the deepening of the Pasig River was discussed over the deck.

In their talk, Simoun suggested building a canal that connects the lake of Laguna and the look of Manila.

They were joined by Don Custodio, an official councilor and came up with a solution to convince the people to take care of the duck. The ducks eat the fish in the river. In this way, people would dig the river so that they could feed the breasts they fed on ducks.

But Donya Victorina disliked such a suggestion because she was so wrapped up in the wrap.


Garage - a rope that has been strangled in the neck of the hanger is twisted by a twist on the back of the hanger to die in the bar

Deck - part of the craft

Longing - rape, rape

Peeling - swearing with contempt

Proposal - suggestion, plan

Also regular - a type of priest, be it with the order or corporation

Secular clergy - a kind of priest, usually a Filipino with no membership or order

Dying - hope, hope

Tikin - long slender bamboo used for running water by arms

Elders - priests, friars

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