Banana legend Part I

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2 years ago

Anciently there was a very beautiful princess, so she was called the Beautiful Lady. Their kingdom is near a small jungle where the picturesque beauty is freely enjoyed. The forest is filled with a variety of beautiful, colorful, and flowering plants. The prince has always been able to climb and walk in what seems to be a perfect garden just for a prince like him.

One day on his way out he met a new face. A handsome young man who is also about the age of a beautiful princess. The princess had a strange feeling to that handsome young man. Unbeknownst to the princess's knowledge as well as the new acquaintance's feelings.

The young man introduced himself as a prince of a distant and different kingdom. Every day the two meet and hang out in the forest until the prince confesses to the girl of his love that the princess welcomes him with the same feeling.

While traveling together in the forest, they decided to take refuge under the fragrant vegetation that the princess often boasted.

"This plant is not only beautifully beautiful, but it is much more beautiful and fragrant with the plants and flowers in our kingdom." the prince chuckled as he rubbed his cheek.

"Why, where is your kingdom?" sweet reply of the princess.

"Our kingdom cannot be reached by a mortal body." the mysterious answer to the principle seems doubtful.

"Why not?" the gruff question of Mariang Maganda as she watched the sad face of the principle she loved.

"I need to come back to our kingdom because otherwise we will never see each other again. I wish I could include you but you can't really be like us.

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