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Career is an individual’s metaphorical journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. For many people career means a part of life that is concerned with learning and training, a job for which you are trained and in which it is possible to advance during your working life so that you get a greater responsibility and earn more money.

How can people choose career, they can choose career by performing a self assessment, making a list of jobs to explore, researching on a particular job, get a training and also continue to grow and learn. An individuals career could involve being a lawyer, though the individual could work for different firms and in several different areas of law over a lifetime. What makes a job a career , a job can just be going to work to earn a pay but career means each of your jobs, experience and training programs is helping you advance in your responsibility.

As a career person you have to define your career goals explaining what you as an individual intends to pursue throughout his career, your career goals increase your professional knowledge and training. You have to pursue your career well and know what you want a lot of people call it profession but you have to be good in whatever field of career you are doing and be best in what you are doing.

Career as its ones calling in life, most people while they are young knows what profession they want to go into you have to build your career early………

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