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Struggle of work from home mom with three kids and no nanny!!!

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8 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)

I just wanted to share my daily struggles as a work from home mom.

I have three kids, first born is an 11 year-old boy, second is 7 year-old girl and my youngest is a 3 year-old son (still breastfeeding).

My work shift starts at 4AM on Mondays and 6AM from Tuesdays to Fridays. Our bed room is actually unoccupied since I started with this shift (October last year) cause I prefer to put a bed near my work area (in the living room) . You might ask me why? Since my youngest son is still breastfeeding, his sleep is very interrupted whenever I am not on his side.

So since our bed is near my work area, whenever he get up and look for milk, I can easily lay down on his side and then leave once he's back to sleep already.

Picture above was taken when I was on shift then he suddenly woke up and approached my place with eyes that is still close (almost), then I told him that I'll just go quickly into the bathroom. When I came back, he's already in my chair and sound asleep.

It's my toddler, sound asleep while still latched-on. I am on a quick break from work at that moment.

Aside from taking care of my kids , as a working mom without a nanny, I also need to do all the house chores alone. So whenever I find a break time at work, I am taking the opportunity to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and map the floor. I do laundry twice a week as well.

Since pandemic, my daughter and eldest son are both attending school from home (online schooling). But I still have to assist them on their offline activities, assignments and reviews during their examination period.

Sometimes, I felt so exhausted, stressed, and super tired!...But at the end of the day, it's my kids that gives me energy booster in a daily basis!...

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Written by   193
8 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)
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