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ATM (at the moment)

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6 months ago

This abbreviation is very common to social media (i.e facebook), and I am not sure but this ATM came to my mind when I am thinking about the perfectly matching title of my current thoughts.

Today (May 18, 2021), as per my usual routine, I woke up before 6:00AM to prepare with my shift (I am currently WFH - working from 6AM to 3PM with 1 hour break). Today was not really different with my other days. I just finished my work at around 6PM my time. That means I have 3 hours overtime today.

My workstation is currently at the living room, underneath our stairs. My desk is facing the wall and that means I don't have visibility on what's happening behind me, not until I stand-up, do a quick stretching and turn-around.

Today, as per the usual thing that welcomed me after my shift, are the chaos all over the house...

Candy wrappers scattered on the floor,

used glasses, plates and spoons left in the dining table,

Dishes waiting for me in the kitchen

and a disaster bedroom (I failed to get the picture of it).

Who said working from home brings comfort? For me, hmmmm...I will have to think twice. Aside from being distracted specially whenever I have meetings/calls, distracted whenever my kids are fighting with each other, distracted whenever my toddler is being fussy and/or clingy, after shift tasks are also very challenging. This is my daily challenge being a work from home mom with no nanny. Then my husband came home at the evening, he will eat dinner, watch tv, check his phones, and then sleep, While me? wash the dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, clean my toddler, then final task would be to breastfeed my toddler to sleep!..

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Written by   189
6 months ago
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