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Enjoying Soto Medan when it rains heavily at night

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4 months ago

Currently, the weather is erratic, when it is not raining, the weather is very hot. The sun was shining very brightly. But, who would have thought that when the weather is hot during the day, the night becomes very heavy rain? The air that was originally very hot turned cold. When the weather is cold with rain, it is very nice to eat warm food with soup. One of the body-warming foods is hot soup. I love to enjoy soup when the weather is very cold.

But, I'm too bored to make vegetable soup. So, last night it rained very hard. Strong winds also make the air cold. Bored with soup, I decided to make Soto Medan. Just for information, in Indonesia, there are several types of Soto food, because Indonesia is a country filled with culture and tradition. Each region has its own culture and traditions. Of course, the cuisine of each region has its characteristics.

Soto in Indonesia I know there are three. First Soto Betawi, Soto Makasar, and also Soto Medan. There may be other types of Soto in some parts of Indonesia, but I only know of three. Since I was born and raised in the city of Medan, I only know Soto Medan. Of course, there are differences in each type of Soto in each region. For example, in Soto Medan, the aroma is so unique and distinctive. The gravy is thick and yellow due to the presence of coconut milk and spices in its manufacture. Soto Medan usually uses shredded chicken or beef pieces. But last night, I made this Soto Medan without shredding the chicken. I immediately put in the whole chicken wings because I didn't want to bother shredding the chicken.

The ingredients I made were very simple, namely; Chicken, Garlic, Shallots, Ginger, Galangal, Turmeric, Tomato, Pepper Powder, Tofu, Coconut Milk, Bay Leaf, Lemongrass Stem, Lime Leaves, Broth Powder, Salt, and Bean sprouts.

How to make it is also very easy; The first thing to do is to grind the garlic, onion, ginger, and turmeric by grinding them using a stone mortar. Then hit with rock galangal. Heat the oil and add the ground spices. Saute until fragrant. Then, add the bay leaves, lemongrass stalks, galangal, lime leaves, and chicken. After a few minutes add the coconut milk, salt, and powdered broth. Stir until cooked. Also, enter the toge along with the tofu. And after that, it is ready to be served to the bowl.

How delicious it is to eat Soto Medan on a rainy night and cold weather. The body feels warm and the stomach feels full. That's all I can write today. Hope you guys like it. Regards.

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4 months ago
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