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My Bucket List

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1 week ago

I was laying on my bed while playing random music on my phone when I decided to search for a topic for my next article. (Trust me when I say that today is a so unproductive day for me, I don't know if it's because of the rainy weather? Or is it because my body and mind won't cooperate with me?) Anyways, let's back to the main topic. I was browsing on my phone wishing to notice a decent subject to write when I saw a certain post about a 'travel bucket list'.

I decided to read that article and I was astonished at its content that's why it encouraged me to write my own. If you want to read that article you can click the link here

You will find my desired bucket list below and I do hope that sharing this can inspire you or motivate you to write your version. It is my first time writing this kind of article so I will make sure to put my ideas reflecting my personal goals and the experiences I want to achieve.

My Bucket List Idea Categories

  • Travel and Adventure

  • Skills and Talents

  • Finding Where the Future Lead me

  • Whole World Staycation

  • Sports

These categories are both local and international, below I will provide the list that I want to experience in the future and I hope that I will experience it soon with either my family or friends.

  • Visit the white sand in Boracay Beach

  • Mayon Volcano Hiking

  • Swim in the blue waters of Coron and El Nido Palawan

  • Trip to Chocolate Hills in Bohol

  • Go scuba diving in Siargao Island

  • Spend vacation on Tagaytay and Baguio

  • Field Trip on different parts of Manila (Intramuros, Fort Santiago, National Museum, etc.)

  • Watch festivities in different parts of the Philippines (Ati-Atihan, Panagbenga, Sinulog, etc.)

  • Spend a vacation to Maldives and Hawaii

  • Visit an enormous vintage castle

  • Attend Silent Sanctuary, Mayonnaise, Boyce Avenue, One Direction, The Scripts, and other good bands and singers concerts both local and international

  • Swim with big sea creatures or travel by large land creatures.

There are lots of things in my mind but it will take some time if I will list them one by one 😂 So for now, I will just share my estimation on what I wanted to do in this category.

  • Learn to code and program

  • Enhance and improve my singing skills

  • Learn martial arts like Taekwondo

  • Learn to swim and sail

  • Learn to cook 1 difficult dish

  • Learn to drive a car

  • Learn to play a keyboard and a violin

  • Learn different languages like Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Arabic

  • Sing a song alone on a stage with a large number of crowds.

  • Find my passion wherein I can be genuinely happy

  • Find a job that suits my skills and abilities

  • Find the love of my life that I can spend my life with

  • Be a best man at someone's wedding

  • Find my purpose in life

  • Contribute something useful to society

  • Know that I inspired someone

  • Donate something to charities anonymously

  • Have friends all over the world even if we have different cultures, traditions, religions, and beliefs.

  • Start my own business or foundation

  • Build a library with a collection of my favorite books from different Filipino and international authors

  • Write a written love letters

  • Write an everyday diary

  • Buy a watch, necklace, or bracelet which I can pass to my future son or daughter ( If I decide to have a wife 😂)

  • Be a volunteer in tree planting etc.

  • Collect any collectibles

  • Have a personalized walk-in

  • Stay 3 days and 2 nights at Nuwa Spa City of Dreams Manila

  • Stay at Sky tower of Solaire Resort and Casino

  • Visit and stay at The Peninsula Manila

  • Buy a house in Toronto, Canada, and live there as a permanent resident.

  • Buy a vacation house at Maldives and Boracay

  • Buy a condo unit

  • Visit Peru, Machu Picchu

  • Stay in Hawaii for a week and visit their popular hotels, heritage sites, and beaches

  • Stay and travel on New York

  • Travel Rome Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, Korea, and

  • Have a badminton game with a professional player

  • Learn techniques in playing chess

  • Learn how to play volleyball and basketball

  • Watch badminton games personally

  • Watch PBA/NBA final games in a wide arena

  • Run a marathon

  • Meet a basketball and badminton player personally while taking their signatures and photo

  • Travel using a bicycle

That's for now HoooOoo! I shared a peek of my bucket list with you and I know that as I grow up, there are a lot of things that I will add to my list. We all have our bucket list in our pockets, if you want to share it with us, please feel free to make an article about it.

Authors Note

Good evening everyone! I finished making this article for today. I pushed myself to finish it because I want to share something with you. To be honest, I said to myself that I will make an article at 5 and will be finished at 7 pm but look at me now? Late upload and published 😂 It is because of my laziness, even so, I hope that you enjoyed reading this one.


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Written by   16
1 week ago
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Gusto ko din magtravel don sa boracay HAHAHAHA tapos learn how to cook 1 different dish 😭 Kaso Takot nga pala ako sa mantika. HAHAHA goodluck sana maano mo mga yan lahat bata 💚😇

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Learn Martial Arts and Taekwondo sana, nga Karate moves HIYAHHH!!! Amoh, that's my dreams sana. Kaya nga sana gusto ko mag Criminology kaso mo, aguyy sadness overload tsk. Anyway, maganda mga nasa list mo ah. Pwd mo nang gawin ung iba jan.

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1 week ago

I would love to go on a hike with you to the Mayon Volcano and even tour you around when we both have the budget and means for it. I love that you included in your bucket list that you wanted to help charities in an anonymous way and to participate in tree planting. This I'll tell you, I had helped people in my own ways of being anonymous and it is so fulfilling. This bucket list of yours makes us know you more! Anyway, is Nuwa in City of Dreams the former Crown Hotel? I've stayed there before and I knew that they changed one of the names of their hotel.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Nice, buddy! Nawa'y matupad natin ito pagdating ng panahon.

Yung akin kasi di ko pa sure kung ano-ano e pero may gusto din akong gawin na kapareho ng sa iyo. Katulad ng makaattend sa iba't ibang Festival ng pilipinas at maka-addopt ng new art styles. Then yung makaaral din ng ibang lengguwahe since related din ito sa course na kinuha ko sa college at strand ko nitong SHS. Then ang pangarap ko pa nung bata is makapunta sa iba't ibang Museum din dito sa pilipinas, bali naka tatlo na ako actually. 😄

Anyways, sana ay matupad natin ang mga ito. Keep safe, buddy! Goodluck sa college. 🙌🏼

$ 0.00
1 week ago