Happy Valentine's Day —Short Story

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I am swaying my hips slowly following the melody of the music while writing down the message on the cake that I baked.

"Happy Valentine's Day my love! It's been 3 years since we met and my love for you is still the same. Slowly growing day by day

—From your Future Mrs. Aidan Escobar "

I read the message once again and I can't help myself but to shriek in happiness. I am so excited for Valentine's Day tomorrow! He didn't know that I will visit him at his house since I am planning a surprise. I am starting to wonder how he would react, will he be surprised? Shocked? Or he will blush?? Aghhhh! I don't care anymore as long as he will love it!

I started to clean the mess that I've made in the kitchen cheerfully La-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la. After that, I did my evening routine and decided to sleep.

"Tomorrow will be a memorable day!! I'm so freaking exciteddd!"

I muttered to myself before closing my eyes.

Valentine's Day

Once I wake up, I checked my phone thinking that my boyfriend greeted me a Happy Valentine's day...but none. I grinned widely because I can feel that he has some surprise for me...AGAIN which he usually does in 3 years of our relationship. I quickly prepared myself and my gift for him before calling a taxi.

When I came to their house, I called out his name but instead of him coming out, his mother showed off. I greeted her first and kissed her puffy cheek before asking where Aidan is.

"Auntie? where is Aidan? I am here to surprise himm!"

"He's not here hija, actually he left so early. I thought he's going at your place to surprise you like he usually does"

"Oww but he didn't come to my place earlier auntie"

I think of the places he usually went by when I remembered that he last surprised me at his condo. That might be a special place for him. After realizing that, I immediately bid thank you and goodbye to my future mom before going on.

At His Condo

I arrived at Boulevard Condominium at exactly 9 am. I waste no time, I ride an elevator and pressed the 3rd floor. After hearing the opening sound of the elevator, I quickly go to his room number...Room-0314. I jumped happily after realizing that I am right! He is here! Without making any noise I opened the door.

"Happy Valentine--- da-"

I became frozen at the sight that I'm seeing, tears began to form in my eyes.

Aidan is kissing.... another woman....his ex-lover.

I saw him stunned, he quickly push the girl after realizing that I am in the scene. He tried to go near me and explain but my mind and heart told me to run away. So I did, I ran. I heard him shouting my name but I don't want to look back. I exited the building and chose to walk past on the road not minding how ugly I look or miserable I am.


When I heard that voice, I get back to my senses. I quickly pushed my ex and saw my girlfriend. I can see the pain, betrayal, and sadness in her eyes. I want to explain everything to her but she chose to run. I shouted her name but she doesn't look back.

I chose to follow her to tell her how sorry I am. For being such a man she despises so bad. I saw her crossing the road trying to get away from me but I also saw how the truck crushed her small frame body.

Present Time

I opened my eyes after reminiscing that painful moment of my life. I can't help myself but cry my heart out. It is my fault, I am the one to be blamed. I should be the one to be punished and not her. She deserves everything and I deserve nothing. Even though I regret doing that to her my whole life, that doesn't change the fact that I chose to cheat rather than to stay faithful and loyal.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry, Please forgive me"

I cried at her tomb like a child.

After spending my whole day at her tomb, I stand up and said...

"Today is your death anniversary my love, Happy Valentines Day. I love you and I'm so sorry."

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!! Do you have a date for today? Or you will date yourself alone? AHAHAH 🤣 This is my short story piece for this event. I am not bitter okay? I just want to break people's happiness since I don't have my Valentine charr 🤣

From this story, what lesson did you learned? Let me share mine, don't commit to anyone they will just hurt you in the end charrr. I hope you like this story. This is my coming back piece.

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Hy Everyone I want to share what I do during my free time. I'm student and I spend all of my time in study...

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2 years ago

What a twist! I like the how thr story ended pero ayokong ma experience yung ganon. Well, I have no date today. I'm enjoying my day with my family and pets. They are my love.

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2 years ago

This is the best story for this kind of day. Mapanakit. So he really cheated. Kala ko may explanation na maybe he ia just talking to his ex when an accident happen na baka natapunan ang damit kaya he decided to bring her to his condo para pahiramin ng damit tapos bigla nalang naghalik si ex. Kala ko ganon, hindi pala. He cheat 🥺

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2 years ago