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Mist Mining FAQ

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2 years ago

What is MIST?

Mist is the first mineable SLP token on the BCH blockchain. The technicals can be explained here.

How is MIST mined?

"MIST blocks are just BCH transactions. Whichever MIST miner uploads transaction to *any* BCH node first (either a BCH miner, S9, or a regular node), and gets their tx propagated first, is the winner, because everybody else's submission will then be rejected by the network (since the MINT baton is already moved). It's more about connection latency to the BCH network than proximity to a BCH mining node"

- @maff1989

It's worth noting that MIST has a constant difficulty, so CPU mining will always be available. People should always be able to compete as long as they have internet and a computer/laptop. EDIT: June 27th 2020 Correction below

"Constant diff doesn't make it so cpu mining will always be there, it just means that the winning must tx for that height will come quicker and quicker as soon as a bch block is found.

Assuming mist would be worth something, it's a significant attack vector because a miner that found a bch block can withhold his block for a few seconds, find the mist tx for that height, then release both.

It's not impossible to cpu mine bitcoin, it's just excessively unlikely you'd find a block making it unprofitable.

Same applies to mist, again assuming it's worth something and there's asic mining it, it would just be unlikely you find a mist tx first.

Also static diff would push all the work close to a new block being found. You might as well stop minjng once the winning tx is propagated."

- @checksum0

How do I get started mining MIST?

See the pinned message at for a guide with mac/linux and windows. Several users are there to help out with any errors.

Error FAQ

(node:8424) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: There are no non-SLP inputs available to pay for gas

Looks like you ran out of BCH to pay for the blocks you win. Send more BCH dust following the instructions in the guide.

(node:13304) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

This error can be caused by a number of issues. Press Ctrl + C and enter 'NPM start' will resume the mining. If this occurs continuously, there may be issues with the server. Just wait and come back later. We are working on a more permanent fix.

Fetching SLP previous minting baton scriptSig info...
SLPDB query:
Token height is synchronized with block height, waiting for next block...

This is not an error and is a sign your machine is ready to mine. We are waiting for the next BCH block to appear so we can begin the MIST mining process.

Completed fetching txos for bitcoincash:address
Validating Mist transactions...
Cache txid: hash txid

This is not an error. You are downloading the previous TXID of mined blocks. This is normal.

Token reward has been found, solution forfeited for a51f4d0394bdddeccbe7481ef5ec4bf394f201eb988b56044d401dd220679b04 (on interval check).

Somebody has found the MIST block. Resetting and getting ready to mine the next block.

Please wait, mining for Mist...

You are mining!

White paper:



Mining Telegram:

Community Telegram:

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Written by   64
2 years ago
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