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2 years ago

I was inspired to create by a specific propaganda video released long ago by Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters. I won't link to it but you can find it by searching "Keep Bitcoin Free" on YouTube. In the video, they claim that by raising the blocksize, it would cause the blockchain storage to grow out of control and could then only be hosted by large data centers resulting in centralization. The video goes on to explain that this blocksize limit was essential for decentralization and that off chain solutions are the ultimate solution to blocksize problems. At the very end of the video, they promote their (then) website It was available so I got it to help promote Bitcoin Cash as a peer to peer electronic cash for the world, as well as privacy & development within the community.

Since the hard fork that created Bitcoin Cash two years ago, BTC has grown by 109.02GB more than Bitcoin Cash. Those of us who can perform critical thinking now know those claims to be incorrect, as Bitcoin Cash has shown. Even Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, made his intentions clear that he wanted to eventually increase the blocksize. Since the split, there have been numerous vulnerabilities in the Lighting Network, resulting in loss of funds for users among other issues. Lighting Network has also had an overall drop in users & channel liquidity, from its peak in July, 2019 at $12.216M to where it currently is in Dec, 2019 at $6.234M. In contrast, Bitcoin Cash continues to grow with increasing usage of SLP Tokens, BCH & SLP Anonymous Dividends payments, improving privacy features for users and a strong community of developers behind the project. BCH has even gained the majority of adoption in areas such as Australia.

For many, BTC is no more than a speculative investment. A "stock" that sits in an exchange that they will trade for fiat at a later date. There are also many who struggle with using BTC because it doesn't work as electronic cash should & many who don't know what a fork is or that Bitcoin Cash even exists. Members of r/bitcoin on reddit will tell them it's a shitcoin and a scam, so some will steer clear for a while. That is until one day they decide to do some research or are gifted some BCH. That is usually when people finally realize that maybe Bitcoin Cash is on to something.

I wanted to contribute to the Bitcoin Cash community so I have created the website at as a starting point (with other sites & ideas in the works). I have also created an SLP Token - SOUR, which is currently used as a tipping token with planned Airdrops of BCH & other SLP tokens to SOUR holders and the SOUR SLP Faucet. I have recently been learning more about Node.js,, BITBOX-sdk, SLP-sdk, as well as studying more about the intricacies Bitcoin.

In short, exists in order to...

The opportunities & possibilities around Bitcoin Cash continue to grow everyday and expose the future of Bitcoin as a peer to peer, electronic cash for the world.

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2 years ago
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I love that you're doing this.

You can expect me to be at your side to keep Bitcoin (Cash) free (as in freedom).

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2 years ago

Awesome, thanks friend!

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2 years ago

I have some of your tokens :) where is it intended to be used?

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2 years ago

🍋Sweet! Right now SOUR is mainly used as a tipping token with planned airdrops for holders. I am working on other use cases for it as well and Node.js apps to integrate with SOUR. I also have the SOUR Faucet set up with some customizations to help distribute tokens and regularly give tokens out on Memo to users posting good content & spreading adoption.

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2 years ago