Cancer has a moving message for the patient, but it is not a death sentence

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Cancer is a disease that not only affects the patient but affects the whole family. Everyone is affected because of it, not just the one diagnosed with cancer, although that person has to make a major change to save a life.

What is cancer, I mostly talk to people who have already been touched in one way or another. Such people understand different aspects of this disease and are also more interested in the causes that led to it.

The most important question I always asked cancer patients was, “Do you still want to live?” And if they waited too long with the answer “Yes!”, I already knew in my heart that it wouldn’t work.

They have to go a long way on their own and find motivation and a desire to live. This is their homework to secure their own lives.


The diagnosis of cancer is one of the most stigmatized diagnoses, so it is even harder to overcome, as there are strong pressures from the environment and the systems of society, health care. The hardest part is because without questioning the surroundings, society immediately sentences everyone to death. So it seems to everyone that when he is officially diagnosed with cancer, it’s like getting a written death sentence.

Most tragically, the psychological pressure is so strong that people can get cancer just because of the paper that says they have it. It is therefore helpful to learn to act constructively in the direction of life so that you can overcome the mental and emotional pressures that will always be present. The best and lasting way is optimal cooperation with the source energy - the energy of the Soul, which is also useful for those of you who are healthy.


Cancer occurs when cells in the body begin to multiply uncontrollably. The truth is that the conditions for uncontrolled cell division are created much earlier - at least five years. The basis for cancer (or other fatal diseases) occurs the moment you start forgetting about yourself in life. There are more such moments when you forget about yourself, your dreams, goals, desires, desires, the more energies that open the way for cancer are strengthened.


Cancer is a disease through which the Soul tells us that we need to wake up quickly. The Soul wants us to find new perspectives that allow it (the Soul) to regain influence in life, because life beyond its - Soul Energy has no meaning.

What does your Soul want you to do with cancer (as well as otherwise)?

The soul really wants:

- to look at life differently,

- to set limits on the influence of others on your life,

- to stop making compromises on things that are important to you,

- to listen to your own emotions,

- to listen to your heart,

- to look at the system you live by,

- to feel why you would still like to live.


What preventive measures should be taken regarding cancer? If you are diagnosed with cancer, do so as soon as possible:

1. Inspect your premises at home and at work and throw away all the clutter that has accumulated over the years.

2. Do a general cleaning of the home and premises where you stay at work.

3. Make a list of past events in your family that you can’t forget.

This is usually a greater resentment to which energies fall and begin to accumulate in a number of blockages that stop energy in the body. As a result, energy flows in the house are closed, as a person instinctively closes energy paths in rooms with additional decoration or upholstery.

4. Make a list of events for business or service grievances from the past.

Burn both lists under point three and four ritually. This means burning the list somewhere in a safe environment to purify all the energies associated with the items on the list. If you have any photos from these events, burn them ritually as well.

5. Listen to your body.

Detoxify him to give him a chance to recover and you will hear him better. There are certain nutritional supplements that many of us consume preventively, as they play an important role in the system of the physical body, to which we must give maximum support in addition to energy therapies.

Don’t eat anything that doesn’t suit you. Fasting can be a good way to listen to your body, but consult the right professionals.

Also listen to your body for rest and physical activity. Don’t force yourself into something that doesn’t suit you, while being aware that fresh air, water, and a flat posture are the basis for fluidity in the body.

6. Be aware of your emotions:

- socializing with people,

- as regards your service and the work you perform,

- with regard to the past,

- as to the present,

- on the objectives for the future.


What is the disease of cancer in a particular part of the body? Cancer symbolically occurs where you are most sensitive in energies.

What does it mean if you have skin cancer

This means:

- that you have been pressured by your surroundings for decades and that you are very resentful about it,

- that your environmental defense mechanism has overheated,

- not to live and work in the right environment,

- that you need extra protection to be able to heal.

What does it mean if you have bone cancer

This means:

- that your basic structure has collapsed,

- that you do not know how to take care of yourself or you are paralyzed by fear of life,

- that you carried too many burdens of your loved ones.

What does it mean if you have bowel cancer

This means:

- that you do not know or do not want to give up things or "digest" all emotions for too long,

- that you have difficulty digesting pressures and manipulation,

- that they should communicate more clearly,

- that you should not compromise on things that are important to you.

So it makes sense to work preventively on yourself and your family according to the above points and follow intuition, heart in the awareness that you live life, and that really no one knows how you feel. That it is time to take life into your own hands. It also means taking responsibility for it.


What can a family member or friend do for someone who has already faced the question of what cancer is.

1. Don’t force the patient to try all the tips you’ve ever read.

2. Don’t force him to meet people from family or friends who he doesn’t want to meet.

3. Ask him what you can do for him, and consider it.

4. Fulfill his wishes: take him on trips, buy food that suits him (even if you don’t agree with it).

5. Physically clean the home - detail all the rooms.

6. Review the photos with the patient (under the pretext of storing them) to provoke old emotions to come to the fore (if there are any).

7. Give the patient a chance to heal; to begin with, that it can be expressed.


Those of you who are afraid of getting cancer, however, are always arguing, always telling your opinion and being loud at home and in the family…, you can be calm. You will not get cancer. Cancer is contracted by one who is usually silent, who usually retains all emotions and resentments. The one who is silent for the sake of peace in the family or work gets sick.


What would those who have already survived cancer tell you.

- That they only now know how to appreciate life.

- That they overcame the disease when they accepted it and took an active life.

- That they changed their life habits.

- That they started doing what they are most happy about.

With all this, you have directly received the support of your Soul, the support of life energies. Enjoy it. If you do this even when you are healthy, so much the better.

Thank you for reading.

Greetings to all !


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Indeed, it is always important to listen to your body. Living a balanced life is important too!

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yes dear,You are absolutely right.

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