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In 11 days of trading, the price of bitcoin has increased by 8k $

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1 year ago

price of bitcoin is skyrocketing. In just 11 days, the price of this virtual currency has increased by 8 thousand dollars . Present, the price of one bit coin is 28 thousand US dollars;

According to a report in the US news agency CNN, is bitcoin just stopping at the thought of rising prices? No, as an asset, it has already surpassed companies like Visa, MasterCard and Walmart.

According to the report on December 27, just 11 days ago, the price of 1 bitcoin without 20k $ . This time this cryptocurrency is knocking on the door of 30 thousand dollars.

Cryptocurrency is a type of symbolic currency. It has no real form. It only exists in the internet world. Transactions through this are only possible online. Whose entire activity is accomplished in a secure process called cryptography. Since 2017, it has become an emerging market. This transaction has no third party control. So no one else knows who is exchanging this digital currency with whom.

There are several reasons behind the increase in bitcoin prices. Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to near zero in response to the Corona push, and the situation is expected to continue for a long time. The dollar is also weakening in the market. For these reasons, investors are investing in other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins.

In an interview with CNN, Anthony Scaramucci, founder of Skybridge Capital, a New York-based global investment firm, said in an interview with CNN that people are accepting bitcoins. However, there are also considerable risks in this currency. The investor needs to be well monitored. It is precisely at the beginning of last month that this coin made investors ’pockets heavier.

Looking at the recent developments, it seems that this crazy idea of ​​increasing the price of bitcoin will continue for a few more days. However, suddenly 20 to 50 percent of the price may fall. So Anthony Scaramucci advised investors to be very careful.

Earlier, the price of bitcoin was fluctuating around 20,000 in mid-September. The currency fell below 11,000 in a record fall on September 25. Earlier this year, the currency was valued at about 1,000. Since then, its value has skyrocketed. In June, the price jumped to 10,000$

The current price is 28k $, its value is beyond knowing where to stop.

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Written by Β Β 265
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