Depression is Common Problem !

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There are many types of mental illness, one of which is depression.

Human body is not only the structure of flesh and blood but another main part is our mind or can be called mental health. As we become so anxious about physical ailments, we rush to doctors-medicines-hospitals; I do the exact opposite in mental illness. If mental illness was measured with a thermometer or a pressure machine, perhaps we would give it importance. Being aware of mental health means you have to hear that you are "crazy". But what do we know, now one in four people in the world suffer from mental illness at some point in their life.

Some trauma makes us stronger, gives us the courage to get back up. Again, some injuries give us hope for a new road ahead. But there are certain injuries that leave us not strong but downright devastated. And it even leads to suicide. For some reason he is in such a state that he does not think of peace in anything other than death. And that condition is depression.

Depression is actually a strange type of emotional illness and the mental condition of the person suffering from this disease continues to deteriorate day by day. Depression is one of the most common and epidemic mental illnesses. It is a disorder that can be associated with excessive anxiety and compulsive disorder.

Depression can occur in varying degrees, depths and ranges. The disease is often chronic and makes the sufferer's life miserable and meaningless. Even with terrible thoughts like death. A person suffering from this disease breaks down, becomes lethargic, dull, powerless and mentally unbalanced.

It is known that 1 in 20 people in America suffer from severe depression. One in five people will experience depression at some point in their lives.

What is depression?

It is not possible to explain the answer to this question in one word. Depression is a very common but serious mental disorder that negatively affects how you feel, think, and act. We often think of sadness and depression as one. These two are not the same. Sadness is a temporary upset that goes away after a while. It does not require any treatment. Depression, on the other hand, is a chronic problem. It requires proper treatment and counseling to get rid of it.

Suppose, you wake up in the morning and leave your home to go to the office. There talking to colleagues, meeting with the boss, chatting. Then again coming home at the end of the day, talking to husband or wife, playing with children, walking etc. Depression drains your ability to do this everyday. Pushes you away from your daily routine. Their body is healthy, but they cannot go out of the house against their mind. They move their body against their will to office, meeting, talking to everyone etc. But he seems bored.

Then one day you can't even do this. He doesn't even talk to the people around him. Spend it quietly indoors. Then we give him the title of antisocial gentleman or lady. Many people suffering from depression report that they feel a great emptiness in their chest. Absolute emptiness. And this feeling of emptiness is the most terrifying. After holding this emptiness in the chest for a long time, the depressed person will understand himself one day that his life is completely meaningless and it is possible to end this pain once and for all by committing suicide. Depression and suicidal tendencies are therefore very closely related.

How do you know if you are suffering from depression?

It can be seen that you are slowly moving away from your favorite activities. The mind does not sit, it does not want to work or do anything else. Again, you can see that you are avoiding your favorite food. I don't want to eat anymore. Either eat more or eat less. But one of the symptoms of depression is insomnia. You can't sleep no matter how hard you try. Moreover, you can be sure that you are also a depression patient when you see the symptoms of withdrawing yourself from everything else, reluctance to work, negative influence on everything.

* High demand.

There is no end to the demand. If you get one, you want another. Never satisfied with one or a few. Repeatedly made various kinds of abdar or earnest.

*Love or love.

Failure in love, in fact, depression if love is not successful. As a result, he gets drunk or commits immoral and criminal acts.

* Anger.

If the judgment or thought that follows is negative or unsuccessful, then anger arises. Adrenal glands, capillary tubes, neurones can be damaged as well as mistakes. Which helps in later depression. Any kind of accident can happen under anger. Many people say that anger does not exist. it's wrong Anger is not only anger that inflames oneself, but also others. As a result, anger creates many problems. Suffer from depression.

* Emotion.

It is good to be emotional but not to be too emotional. This is a symptom of depression. Emotional people try repeatedly to impress others. When unable or unable to express oneself to others, depression sets in.

*Al Last Suicide.

Suicide is a mental disorder that arises from depression. When the last stage of depression is reached, it leads to suicide.

Depression can occur at any age. Children, students, children and the elderly can all suffer from depression.

Ways to get rid of depression

There is no specific way to get rid of depression. But there are ways. And this is a war with yourself. If you follow a routine, work with a goal, eat at the right time, eliminate insomnia, exercise, always think positively, walk around happily, you can definitely get rid of depression. However, in some stages, the treatment of this disease is also possible. Apart from this, it is possible to get rid of depression with the help of meditation or counseling.

*Using anger as a weapon is a sign of weakness. Need to be strong, not weak. Anger actually needs to stop. Taking three-four deep breaths will reduce anger.

* The energy of good thoughts needs to be radiated.

*It is futile to expect everything to go your way all the time. For that if it is not like, then ego needs to break and accept everything.

* Respect is a kind of positive energy. Everyone needs to be equal whether he is young or old.

*Parents need to try on their own how to keep their child free from depression. Don't hesitate to try that.

*External world, TV, internet, cell phone cause depression, so you should use these with your own intelligence. Otherwise life will be wasted.

Medicines, counselling, yogasana, simple Rajyoga, meditation should be done. By doing this, a healthy life can be regained.

But hopefully, there are science-based treatments for depression. But the important thing in this case is that it is never possible to get rid of depression overnight but for this you have to be patient. Psychiatrist needs time. In most cases, the treatment of depression requires both antidepressant medication and psychotherapy. It is not possible to get rid of it completely by just using medicine. For this reason, if the doctor takes some time to give psychotherapy to the patient, then a quick cure is possible.

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