Stop Procrastinating, How Did I Stop Procrastination

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What is Procrastinating?

You know you have to finish preparing for your exams because it's the day after tomorrow, but instead, you are watching a series on Netflix.


You know your project deadline is on tomorrow, but now you are doing the whole week's work in one day instead of doing it for a week.

Instead of doing your work, you decide to do other things. You may find your work boring or you may lose interest in your work or learning process.

Yes, that's natural. When we are doing something repeatedly we lose interest. So we decide to do something relaxing or something that we don't want to use our precious brain.

That is not being lazy, we choose something instead of our task, but for laziness, we don't even want to do anything. For example, Morning when we woke up, we don't even want to move from bed. That is laziness.

How to Overcome Procrastination

There are many ways to overcome procrastination, but if you do everything at once we will also procrastinate these methods 😂.

So I will share my methods about how I do it when I was a master procrastinator.

If you're still reading to this point, you may understand whether you are procrastinating or not.

If you're procrastinating, you may feel guilty because I feel like the world is going to an end. After being kicked out of my college, for nearly one year I was procrastinating without doing anything useful.

I was just watching Netflix day night. But now I have a Netflix app still installed on my mobile but I don't even open it. Even if I open it I just came out in one or two minutes.

I couldn't find myself to forgive for wasting my precious time.

1, Forgive Yourself:

Time and Tide wait for No One

Well, we did it. There is no use in feeling bad for that. It's ok, it's all in the past. Forgive yourself, and then be ready to start your journey.

2, Organise Your Task:

First, organise what you have to do. If you want to work on your project, note your task. If you want to learn a skill learn a task. For this, I use *Google Task*.

3, Split into the small Task:

Now split the organized task into several small tasks. Because you can find pleasure in finishing a small task, that can encourage you to do more.

If you are learning some skill like programming. For example We Development. Web Development is your main task. Split that into small tasks, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This option is also available in Google Task.

4, Set Timer:

You may feel overwhelmed by studying for hours. So you may want to take 10 minutes break, but you can't get back to your task. Yeah, I feel you. For this set timer for 10 or 15 minutes. When you hear the timer just get back and start your task without thinking anything.

After you start, you won't easily stop your task. Well, that's what happens to me.


Procrastinator is a time thief

Procrastination stole our valuable time from us. Don't allow that thief to steal your time. We are all born to do something awesome, but that won't be easy. Let me tell you “Nothing Is Easy”.

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Yes. Procrastination is no help for anyone. We have to do the right thing at the right time.

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1 year ago

Yup, that's right.

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1 year ago

The one who have command over time, is only the truly successful people's. I'm working on it. I've lost lots of things just because of being sluggish. Now I don't want anything more to be slip from my hand.

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1 year ago

Yes, with that mindset you can improve yourself. All the Best for your future.

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1 year ago