English 2nd paper

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SSC English 2nd Paper


students i

contained sixty Thousand 1)- verses (7S). Instead of giving gold

coins, he offered the poet only sixty thousand silver g) coins. The

noet refused to take the silver coins and left the court with h).

broken heart ( ). He was i)- grieved man. Later on the

Sultan realised ( ) that he had made j)-blender.

To learn at

jo (

o (8

Ans. a) the b) the c) a d) x e) the f) x g) x h) a i) a j)a

Use articles where necessary: Put a cross (X)

where an article is not needed.

16th December is b)

) sso

red letter day in the


light of


ret that



history of Bangladesh. On this day we achieved victory at c)

bloody battle. Bangladesh came into being as e)

independent country, It occupied ( ) a place in the

map. Every year we observe g)-

cost of d)

day with due

world f)-

(NIT) solemnity (r). We remember h).

sacrifice ( 0 of our heroic sons. The day is i)

supreme (সর্বোচ্চ)


holiday. The day begins with gunshot. The national flag is hoisted

top () of cach house.


(উত্তোলিত) on j).

Ans. a) The b) a c) the d) a e) an )x g) the h) the i) a j) the

Use articies where necessary: Put a cross (×)


where an article is not needed.


country. He can teach d) ignorant man e) important matter


educated man is b) asset for c)

withou: facing f) -obstruction. For this there is difference between

R)educated and h) uneducated. i)-role played by j)

-leu.rned is beyond description.


e) an

)x g) the h) the

Ans, a) An b) an

i) The j) the.

7 Use articles where necessary : Put a cross (x)

where an article is not needed.

c) an d) an

exact place of taking b) -

part in co-

Our school is a)

curricular activities. In c)-each week competitions are arranged in

auditorium of our school. Our teachers motivate us in e)

participating f)

awarded by our principal. i)

-battle of life by participating different co-curricular activities.


(8 sou -

student can easily face j)

winners are h)

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When I think of the English second letter, it seems as if my head is confused. It seems to me as easy as it seems difficult because when I practice it, it becomes very easy.

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