Want to make money on helping move BSC assets to SmartBCH?

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2 years ago

Hey there. I have my own stablecoin now. It's called sBUSD and it's the main competitor of flexUSD on SmartBCH.

To learn more about it you can go to https://sbusd.cash/
The main function of this stablecoin is to be a bridge between BUSD on Binance their smart chain (BSC) and SmartBCH.

That means that through my bridge, BSC traders have access to the markets on SmartBCH. Right now that's only benswap.cash but soon their will be Koingfu, Smartswap, Muesliswap and many many others.

One of the things I am going to do with my stablecoin is a real life experiment where I am going to show exactly how Tether cheats with their stablecoin.

And then afterwards of course I will have to undo my own cheating as to not undermine the trust of sBUSD holders.

So since the main purpose of sBUSD is to make BSC assets flow on to smartBCH I have a little promo.

If you know any BSC traders that might want to try out SmartBCH, show them my bridge! Using pancake swap they can very easily sell any BSC asset for BUSD. And then they can move their BUSD on to smartBCH over my bridge.

If you can convince somebody to do this for a 1000 BUSD. Then you will get 50 dollars from me. I can pay you in BUSD, in sBUSD, in BCH or in flexUSD.
If you find 10 friends that all move over 1000 BUSD then you will earn 500 dollars on this!!!!
For more info go to my telegram group and ask around --> https://t.me/smartBUSD
So not only will value move from BSC to BCH (which is good for ALL BCH holders) but you will even get paid for it!
What are you waiting for! Get smart!

Get smart!

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2 years ago


I am happy to know that you have created your own stablecoin now. I will must try to convince someone to do this for BUSD.

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2 years ago