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I have been working hard on the beginning of turning central-alberta in to a BCH stronghold.

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1 week ago

The first step has been to start two educational centra.

Check and Zoom classes have started. There is a free zoom class in English every tuesday at 18:30 MDT and a Dutch one every Saturday at 18 PM.

We have signed up two merchants. A car dealer and a travel agency.

I have a small team working under me now. A web developer from Venezuela (found through and a graphics girl (also found through

Soon (depending on a successful flipstarter) our team will be joined by an SLP dev (who will also help with SLP2.0 and SmartBCH)

Right now my expenses are 600 CAD a month, and I hope to do a flipstarter soon to raise 60 BCH for a 2 year run time. (30 BCH for the learning centra and 30 BCH to be able to hire a SLP dev who will help hybrix connect better to the BCH trading ecosystem)

In those two years I plan to make everything self sustainable. Even though my educational center in Red Deer will always be free (focussed towards the brightest african minds, thousands of african refugees and immigrants flow through our red deer hub every year) the one in Calgary will generate revenue because people will have to pay for classes. And if the upper middle class in Calgary wants to learn how to trade and be in full crypto control, they will have to pay me some good money up front which will be used to finance everything. We are blockchain agnostic and deal and help with any crypto although our base layer will always be BCH, if people want to use other crypto they can, but we will make some money of them through affiliate programs like We will only ever receive BCH.

I think within 2 years I can make everything pay for itself. And manage a small crypto fund that can also leverage itself up once in a while through some smart trading. With a little bit of luck this bull market lasts long enough to get to a point where my funding survives the entire next bear. If there is indeed a good market for crypto education it's also possible a token will be launched to attract investors money for cut in the revenue but that is most likely still 3 to 5 years away.

Today somebody that worked for TD (Toronto Dominion) came buy, they wanted to learn how to do n to m transactions so they can help their customers with controlling their own crypto while still being able to offer extra non custodial security.

Central Alberta has some hard times coming to it, and BCH will become an important tool for the people here to survive those hard days to come.

Feel free to chaintip me some more BCH, I promise you it will all be spend on growing the ecosystem and growing the community.

We have a lot of of momentum. If you wonder why (Kain_niaK) I am not posting that much anymore or making posts it's because I am building behind the scenes at full speed and full momentum. Social media distracts from the building and wastes my time!

We know our momentum might be lost when the bear market starts so it's now or never.

Our websites are good enough to be shared publicly now and tomorrow they are installing this on my Honda Civic.

One side of my car will remain empty so I can create a NFT to auction the space to the highest bidder.

Once things start happening, at some point in the future they will start happening so fast you won't be able to keep track anymore.

We have an opportunity to make our community go exponential within the next 5 years.

Let's not miss it.

Build and if you can't build, fund those that can. It only increases the long term purchasing power of your BCH.

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Written by   26
1 week ago
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