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Spending Vs Saving : NO THANKS, AM INVESTING

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1 year ago

Growing up as a child I believe the hardest decisions to make were If to Spend or to Save.
I pretty much believe that it still is a major problem in society. Money made with sweat and lots of dedication which burns our time is not something we should let go easily.
Truth is that there's absolutely no easy way to make money as long as you're living on planet earth.

People may say, what about stealing? That is easy!
OK, you really think stealing is EASY? Why not try it sometime and see how difficult it is to steal than to work. You doubt?
If it were so easy to suck money through this medium then I don't think there would have been anyone bugging himself to find a job.
First you have to be computer literate, so you got to go to SCHOOL.
It will literally take you years to acquire good knowledge of computers to be able to carry out your business successfully and without being caught. So then, even stealing ain't EASY!
So if you're the type looking for easy money, you'd prolly spend your whole life looking. Rather than waste your precious years in vanity, find what suits your knowledge perfectly and hop on it.


Spending Vs Saving : NO THANKS, AM INVESTING

A lot of people are at the expense of spending, few are saving but the truth is that there's ACTUALLY no difference between these two personalities!
Why? Assuming You and I won $100 dollars today and I immediately used mine to buy a new phone and you decided to keep yours. Then after a few days or maybe weeks you used yours to buy clothes, and I got jealous of your clothes then you immediately told me that I was eager to spend rather than save.
Well true, you may have purchased something better that caught my eyes but the truth is that there isn't any difference between us because at the end of the day, we both spent OUR CAPITAL! Note the WORD!
After a while the phone I bought may get spoilt and your clothes may fade off and we are both back to the initial stage of having not gotten a hundred dollars.

So, let's bring in a third person

An Investor

Both You and I ended up spending our CAPITAL, but the third person Invested his own in a small scale business. And over time he made profits and profits, growing his financial status bit by bit. One thing people miss out in managing money is that you are not expected to spend or save the only money you have at hand! Saving such money doesn't make you wise in any way! You may say that you can save it now and invest it later but the truth is no one can predict tomorrow! Something might come up and you'd have to spend that money, there you'd lose it all. But if you had Invested it at the right time, you may have made a lot of profits before you meet your days of need.
An investor makes profits on his CAPITAL, and from his profits, some percentage goes to savings and some goes to spending, that's the right STRATEGY!
Capitals are Never to be TOUCHED!

Hope That Makes Sense :)

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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well I'm not the type of a person who saves the money alot rather I spent alot.. lol I guess I have too many expenditures to look out for so I'll try saving up some cash. Maybe I can work on that in future.

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1 year ago