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Reasons Why I Invest In Crypto!

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1 year ago

Note: this is not a financial advice but just my own thoughts, understanding and point of views on Cryptocurrency and it's benefits.


Back in 2017, I could remember sitting in our front porch thinking of how I could earn making without being a burden to anyone around.
Bitcoin was introduced to me indirectly and I saw it as a big deal, that it was only rich people that could indulge in the business. Well I still had that mindset up until early this year.
I never knew Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency neither was I aware that they are other Cryptocurrencies just as Bitcoins called the Altcoins.
Late this year I was introduced to Crypto blogging and that was how I began earning some Crypto and how I began learning more about the system, now am loving it all for a few reasons am gonna list below.

Am not gonna be talking about Crypto blogging because that requires a lot of time and hard work.
As humans we all wish to have jobs that gives us time to do other things while we earn comfortably nevertheless.
Well then, Cryptocurrency technology made that all possible!

Just as any other business, there are a lot of risks involved so then investments and choices matters!

Services Provided are as follows:

  • Crypto Business Safes You Time and Stress

  • You Are Totally In Control Of Your Funds

  • Profits Overtime

- Crypto Business Safes You Time and Stress

What's the point of being rich when you can't have some time out to enjoy your riches, especially with family?
If you keep working without resting then you might just die working and never get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Well then what else safes you time and energy?
Crypto Does!
Just like ordering a product online, you can easily buy any Cryptocurrency of your choice and get them into stock.
At just one click you'd have your assets delivered without any risks of it being bridged or robbed on the way or something. You'd barely have to do anything but rest knowing that you've got a stack of riches in a safe place and you don't have to worry about anything.

Speaking of worrying, that brings us to the next thing on my list.

-You Are Totally In Control Of Your Funds

No such things as storage fees or some sort of dumb things banks charge as ATM fees in Crypto!

When once your assets are in your wallet. you have nothing to worry about because not even the tiniest percentage would get missing for any sort of fees per say.
You are totally in control of your assets and what happens to it at all time. So then the network is flexible and also delivers so it is reliable.

-Profits Overtime

The sole reason for investing in any business is not to have your money in a place but to earn profits off it.
That's exactly what you'd get in choosing the right Cryptocurrency and project to invest!
You'd earn your profits overtime without doing anything. Isn't that awesome? Oh yes!
I have this routine of having at least $1 - $5 worth of Bitcoin Cash deposited into my wallet on daily/weekly basis. And with the recent price shoot of Cryptocurrencies, I've been making some little profits off them without doing anything and that's where crypto all boils down to!
It safes you time, energy, stress and then rewards you overtime with profits on your investments.

That's my few outstanding reasons why I invest and believe so much in Crypto.

It's A Wrap!

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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Agree with you. Especially with staking and lending and liquidity providers

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1 year ago

Glad :)

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