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Deleting Your Past Could Be Your Greatest Achievement!

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1 year ago

Don't mean to sound like a motivational speaker but when you let your past stand in the way of your future, then you've not just made up your mind to accept your present.

It's easy to dig up a grave to bury someone, but it's much harder and painful to cover it.

It's not just a matter of unlocking your success but it's actually all about your freedom and the ability to move on.

Time changes and as such should influence people and culture. But when time passes but then you find yourself lacking behind, you may as well consider it that you've wasted even more time sitting still in your present ruin, creating future ruin instead of finding ways to get out of it.

Prolly read a lot of articles about time, but you've probably not read mine! But if you have by chance you've probably or should I say most definitely haven't read this one. Past, present and future, all time processes that influence a person's existence, that is time itself! 

The only reason i'm still wearing the same clothes right now is because i'm still sitting here typing shits that out of a 100% of the people that will view it, the most percentage will see it as one of those motivations. I'm letting time pass because I'm tryna prove a point and then it has influenced my life, keeping me dirty as I have ignored my personal hygiene in the long run to motivate. You're prolly right that this is one of those motivations, but it certainly isn't from the same person, so it certainly can't be proven insipid as you've labeled it unless you try it out!

Deleting Your Past Could Be Your Greatest Achievement!

Achievements are ranked ain't there? So there's definitely a most reflective amongst them. A lot of people tend to look at how a journey ends than learn how it started. Shall a baby run if he hasn't learnt how to crawl? Obviously not! So then the beginning births and influences the ending. 


A little decision that may seem as mere, might just turn out to be a life's saver. You can only live better when you've decided to detach from the past, stepping out of a circle that only projects it's circumference around ruins. A time will always come in a person's life where he'd be hurt but a second pass the clock makes it a history, so it is extinct and should be buried and forgotten. Take only one second to cry out your pain, because the next second is too precious to be wasted while still in the Same shoes.

He Makes It Sound Like It's So Easy?

Well, we all do try to speak with confidence to impact others, we all try our possible best to hide our flaws so as not to send a negative energy to our audience. Our perceived perfection doesn't mean we actually are, no one was created to be perfect even though we are perfect creations, we are of flash so we are bound to flaws and sins. So what am I saying? It is never easy so easy to delete your past when your brain has a backup program on. Funny enough we'd have to install a backup program in our devices but then when it comes to our brain we just don't have to do anything because it keeps sending us notifications of our backed up files called memories in simple terms and that is what we should worry about because it either hurts us to relive those memories or actually create happiness in our hearts.

But There's Always A Way Out!

Certainly! You'd first have to decide, make up your mind to let the past be the past, dig up a grave for it, give it flowers if may and sing it a farewell song if absolutely necessary. Then how do you keep the memories of it from haunting ya?

Well you could do that by creating new ones!

What happens when you begin chatting up a lot of new people on your phone?

The old chats get shadowed by the fresh ones, it gets pushed away to the extreme and the more you continue chatting new people the further it goes.

That's exactly how these memories are to be dealt with! Try creating new memories, have some fun time, get busy, grow your new self by feeding it with good vibes, bring in positive energies and that would surely eradicate the old storms that are trynna scourge ya. You can only be free from what is holding you captive if you decide!

From My Heart To You All

Stay Positive :)

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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These are great advices for all to handle with past. You talk about getting new list of what to do in that case. It is also important for old loves, partners who break up. If they have a lot of memories and they hunted each other, they need to use these tips and make a new one, fresh and strong. If we get hurt, we need to find emotional regeneration and give that advice to all with same problem.

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1 year ago