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This is my process when drawing a face

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8 months ago

Hello community, I hope you're all right. I think I'm learning new things every day. Such is the case of this portrait, which I come to show you and I hope you enjoy.

Well, for this job my tools were as follows:

H, 2B, 6B and common graphite pencils.

Sandpaper 320 mm.



Recyclable letter Bond paper.

The technique is to give realism to the portrait, to achieve that texture generated by the features of the face.

A friend taught me a new way to tip the pencils and explains that you get better results by sharpening the tip with a blade and tuning it with the sandpaper and the truth is that since I first did it, I started to get better results

With the swab I softly to the shadows, with the 6B pencil I made the part of the hair, eyebrows and beard, with the 2B I worked the shadows, while with the H I gave life to the more dim parts.

Here you can see those small details, such as pores, lips and teeth.

Well, that's been the process of this portrait, I hope you and art lovers will like you, even a new post.

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Written by   12
8 months ago
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Well I learned something about drawing. The expression is hard to do but a good job. I have drawn a face before and it was ok. Some tricks from the pros help.

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4 months ago

This is just wow 😮 the details of the art is amazing. It even have pores. How long did it take you to finish this? And do you also make colored pencil portraits?

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3 months ago

I agree with you. You are representing your article in a very logical way. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. I also love drawing. I wait for New post. I also sub you. Thank you

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3 months ago