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11 February 2022

For today’s article I am going to be doing something I haven’t done before. Can you guess what that is ? Well I am going to be writing on two different topics. One of them is a realization I have made and the other is about a movie I saw this afternoon.

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Now let’s begin ..

Book of love

I have to say I am not into love movies and even if I was one of those people who like to read novels which i am not .. I bet I wouldn’t dig romantic or love novels either. Let’s just say my romantic side has been dead for a while now but I loved the movie I saw this afternoon.

You see watching movies for me is a kind of way to relax my nerves and of late I have really needed to calm my nerves all the time but that’s not the reason for this article .. back to the main topic .. book of love.(the movie)

Book of love is a love movie that is about an English writer who wrote a book about love titled “sensible love”. It took him over 5 years to complete this book only for him to publish it, to discover that people didn’t want to read about the kind of love he was writing about.

You see he portrayed love as this pure, sweet feeling that can never do no wrong which is good but people weren’t interested in that they wanted hot-spicy … s*x driven kinda of romance.

Now that is where the lady in the love story comes in .. she is writer with a kid, who was betrayed and abandoned by her baby-daddy so she sees love in a different light.

Long story short she rewrote his book in Spanish( she is Mexican), changing a few things, giving it that romantic-sex driven side it needed and boom the book was a hit in Mexico. Next thing people in Mexico wants to see him ( the original writer). He becomes this Shakespeare of love and romance and all. At first he was angry that she changed a lot of stuff in the content of the original book but soon enough they both realized that they were the perfect combo for writing a love story and so their love story began.

As fate as planned it they had to write another book since the first one did so well but this time they had to do it together. Although long before now they were already in love with each other without knowing it. This new book was an opportunity to fall more in love and build a relationship.

Well you know how love stories work .. they eventually fall in love and then had a little quarrel then came back together after realizing that their love story was just beginning. It’s a whole movie .. trust me you would love it…check it out when you can.

Now for my next topic

Everybody wants what everybody has expect what they have..

Do you have friends or even just people you know who you personally think they look awesome with their flaws and all, who constantly tell you that they prefer they look a certain different way.

You see some whites going to tan their skin to look darker, so dark skin wanting to tone their skin, a chubby healthy person wanting so bad to loose weight, a lanky person like me wanting to gain weight so bad.

Listen I don’t condemn anyone for wanting what they want it’s okay .. in fact I encourage people to find a way to look better and feel better, it is the best actually because when you look better you feel better and then you shine.

What I am saying is .. appreciate what you are first before wanting to change anything because often times when you make that change you find out that you miss your old flaws or sometimes you find that you don’t feel as better as you thought you would feel in the end.

So in essence love what you are now as you make preparations to improve and become a better version of yourself. We have flaws and it is totally okay, the world itself is flawed but guess what ? That is the beauty of life. Our flaws makes us unique, special, wonderfully and fearfully made which is what we need to see the real beauty of the world. So appreciate yourself love yourself because there is only one you in the world. Think about that…

Thank you again .. I hope this read was worth your every minute.. stay safe and stay blessed..



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