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The billionaire mindset.

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2 months ago
24th September 2022

Famous quote -“ well I guess if you don’t know how much you make a year, then that is a good thing”.

One thing I have grown to understand about wealthy people- take note ‘wealthy’ not rich; it is that they all have similar characteristics to each other. Sentiments aside, let’s remove People who made their money from their talents. This is everyday businessmen and women. In the street at some work place, the entrepreneurs, real estate guys, the sharks of the corporate world. They all live a simple but mysterious life well except those that don’t.

What is the billionaire mindset you might ask:- it is a mindset that nothing is impossible. It is a type of mindset when you question why all football pitches are green and not yellow or blue. Most people would look at these billionaires some times and say “oh this person is crazy or delusional” but if I remember correctly there is a saying

”there is a tiny line between madness and genius”

That being said billionaires are special people, special you might ask right ? Let me tell you a story.

Andrew Carnegie was a man who made so much money in life within a short span of time. A lot of people wondered how a man is able to make so much money in such time, the kind of wealth people spend decades to create. So much as so that the US government set up an investigation committee to question the source of his wealth.

But of course they found no dirt on him and they were just so shocked. They asked him “how do you manage to do such things without doing something illegal to make money”

He said to them “it is simple- I can focus 100% on a single thing for 5 minutes without losing my attention”

They thought to theirselves, well that is easy. So immediately they set up an experiment and none of them could even last more than a minute. And this

This is the fate of most humans.

Billionaires are patient when they need to be. An average person wins a million dollar lottery and the next thing is starts to buy expensive things or living a lavish lifestyle. People with the billionaire mindset don’t do this instead they invest that money in such a way that after a period of time it becomes 10x what they had before.

The vision.

Billionaire mindset means being able to see further way into the future. Elon saw the future with cars and space rockets, Jeff saw amazon and it’s future in the modern day, so did so many big time CEO. The vision is very very important.

Then you need to find people who have similar visions as you and build with them. All wealthy people like to surround themselves with their fellow wealthy person because of the ease to take up a project Vision and turn it into a reality.

There is a saying .. if you have 7 friends who smoke everyday you are likely to be the 8th smoker but if you surround yourself with 7 friends who make millions every day then you are like to be the 8th millionaire in the group.

-most people who dress reach are poor folks -

The billionaire mindset is not afraid to take risk, the billionaire mindset is confident more than anything.

Once a gangster in Russia was approached by a man. Who called him all sort of names and said he was a criminal. The gangster brought out a gun Pointed it at his face and said to him “I am just a businessman and my business is crime because I dare to do what most people wouldn’t”

Solve problems..

The fastest way to get rich is by solving problems. Think of the richest people in the world and you would be able to see how much problems they have solved as an entity. It I almost like wealthy people are always looking for new problems and how to solve them.

Do not be afraid to ask for the best.. know your worth.

Most people sell themselves short because they don’t know what they are worth,Billionaires don’t. People say it pride I tell you it’s not.

I leave you with these words.

”anybody can be a billionaire.. who can ? Anybody”

thanks for reading.

The jumper


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Written by   327
2 months ago
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Billionaire mindset do differently and think differently. We should follow these people and their successful steps in life.

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2 months ago

Yeah they are kind of special

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2 months ago

One thing I know is that if you have the billionaire mindset, you won't treat yourself less even though you're not yet at the level you're supposed to be in life. Billionaires have visions. I mean a clear one!!!

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2 months ago

Yeah you are Right

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2 months ago