Subtracting Social Medias... Adding Earning Apps!

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July 14, 2022 | Thursday


Social medias is a form of media used for socialization and communication. With the used of social medias we can easily connect and socialize with people all over the world. Communicate with our loved ones who are working abroad or far from home. Social medias are a great help to us too.

Yes, you can earn money too in social medias. To begin with you need to use them wisely. Agree or not, only those influencer or famous person. And yes, if you want something you should work hard on in. I know that those influencer, blogger/vlogger really work their butt out just to earn what they are earning. But if you are a typical user trying to find entertainment or something to killed your boredom time, then why not find something where you are entertained at the same time you earn? This just only my opinion.

I am a facebook user since 2010 or 2011. Just to open my facebook I need to go to computer shop. What I find interesting at facebook? At first I agree to make an account because my friends make one too. But later I felt entertained. I see interesting posts anf videos, I can state and share my opinion, meet and interact with other people. And now, facebook updates is far better than before.

Thinking about how much many I spent just to used my facebook account from the day I used to opened it in computer shops up to today that I am using mobile phone and buying load, I guess I spent too much money. I am more spending than earning.

Social medias increases and become better as days passes by.

After using facebook, my friends told me to used twitter too. (My friends are my social media influencer)

Facebook and Twitter is different from each other. And comparing this too may be a bit over. But allow me to voice out my opinion. Between facebook and twitter, I prefer using Facebook. I find twitter less intertaining. I don't know why, its just my opinion though. No bias.

I realize it now, I only created twitter account to follow the trend. But still I used it, though I post really often. And if I remember it right, I gained only one follower.

After twitter, I heard again another social media, which is Instagram where you can post pictures; your ootds, your photography, or anything you want to share, except those not suitable in social medias.

Now, here comes the birth of the newly hook application that many individual are using, the Tiktok. I am not using it, but I have seen some who uses it. They are watching videos and you can shared your own videos too.

See? There's a lot of social medias that can be used for entertainment, socialization, and communication. And I myself know and understand everyone's reason why they are using the application.

During this pandemic, social medias are overwhelmingly dominating the society, especially Tiktok. I can see people taking videos of them dancing and copying what they have seen. As for me, I am more interested in earning money while staying at home.

I am browsing my phone and I noticed that there are some application that been installed but I am not using anymore, so I decided to delete them. And what's on the deleted list is some of my social media application: Instagram and Twitter.

I can't uninstall my facebook app because it's where I get updated and watch korean dramas I am watching.

Since I have free space on my phone, I installed some applications where I can earn money.

I have here BuzzBreak. To earn all you have to do is browse article, watch videos and to some tasks. If you do those things you can earned points and that points will be converted to money. (But unfortunately it stop working now. I haven't uninstalling it yet hoping I can still withdraw the money I left in my account.) But anyways I guess its tims to say goodbye.

I installed also Clipclaps, where all you have to do to is watched videos to collect coins and that coins can be convert to money. There are also fun games in clipclaps where you earn coins or money. You can merge cats, and feed fishes that you can sell and exchanged into coins.

There are more applications that you can earn money but this two is my trusted apps cause I already earned money in it.

Aside from application we also have and I am sure everyone of you knows how we earned money with this two platforms so no need to elaborate.

So instead of wasting my time in social medias where I can't earn money, I rather spent my time using the application and sites where I can earn.

Entertainment? Socialization? Communication? I can experience it all at once especially in noise cash and read cash.

So now, I am subtracting social medias, adding earning sites/apps.

If you know any earning sites or apps 
aside from what I have mentioned,
feel free to recommend!
I am very much willing to try. 
Let's enjoy and earn together!!!

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