And it happened...The Escape

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2 years ago

I don't want to talk about how depressing my situation was, as much as possible. But because of this emotions building up inside me, I can't write anything aside for this. I can't find a place where I can fully express my emotions. Aside from my family and friends, is a place where I am free to express every bit of my emotions. Here I am again, starting to express this lighter feelings I am feeling right now.

It was the darkest moment of my life, I can say. Continuous criticisms and judgements from people that made me feel small and worthless that leads me to this deep, and sorrowful emotions. I hate myself because of this. I let their harsh words come inside me and disturb my peace, silent, and strong mind. Now I can say I don't have strong mentality.

To end this hateful emotions, I did some stuff to distract and entertained me which I have mentioned from my last article. Its helpful for me. I am escaping the darkness slowly and surely and here I am getting better and better.

Last August 21, the planned "gala" with my friends happened. Its a day far from toxicity and judgement of people. We spend the day with nature. We went to The Campsite located at Ligao City.

The Campsite

The means of transportation we used is tricycle. The road is quite steep so we walked for almost 30 mins more or less, before arriving at the exact place. We ate first at the nearest karinderya down the mountain. A simple tapsilog was served to fill our empty stomachs.

I am too focused with the little adventure I am experiencing that time that I forgot to take a pictures. A new environment fascinated me that cameras are not needed, I captured it with my eyes wide open. But still I have hear some photos.

Before arriving at the entrance, we walked through the man-made stairs. At the entrance we saw some for sale souvenirs like wallets, keychains, and other stuffs. We paid the entrance fee that is worth 30 pesos per person.

The weather that time is a bit cloudy in the morning that we can't see the Mt. Mayon.

You can see in the photo above that the tip of Mt. Mayon was covered with clouds. We decided to wait the Mt. Mayon to show itself. We find a spot where we can sit and rest for a bit while waiting and also roamed the area.

Photo taken while resting in a Kubo.

That "Kubo" is the entrance. I forgot to tell that before entering we filled up the log book for safety and protocol.

The Mt. Mayon is still shy and can't make itself seen. The weather became terrible as the time runs. But it doesn't stopped us to enjoy the view and the nature.

Campers are arriving one by one with their heavy backpacks. Some went to the trail and went for a hike. The campers are very friendly. Some offered us their foods. And some started a conversation with us.

At around 12 noon, the rain started to pour. We decided to stayed in one of the kubo waiting for the rain to stop.

My friends and I(middle), while waiting for the rain to stop.

While staying in the kubo, we kept on chatting none stop and sharing our troubles. We forgot to checked the time because we're to busy talking to each other.

Around 1 pm, the raind stopped a little, so we decided to continue our strolled.

This spot is nice for photos, but since I am not good at taking pictures, this is all I've got. We've seen this spot a lot in facebook and this spot is looked amazing and beautiful. I have fear in heights so I didn't tried this spot. I don't have the courage to climbed, so only them tried this. This should be nice only of I took a nice photo plus if Mt. Mayon is visible at the back.

I didn't take much photos using my phone. So I don't have anytjing to share. But this place is so beautiful and really must-visit, especially when you are fond of camping and hiking.

The weather doesn't stop us to enjoy the rest of the day. After The Campsite, we also went to Paayahayan. Entrance fee is only 25 pesos.

In Paayahayan, we saw different photos spot like the photo above.

This place is beautiful too. The place was full of greens and colorful flowers that really soothes my eyes.

If you are nature lover you will surely love these two place. Its very relaxing.

After Paayahayan, we planned to visit one place for going home which is the Hobbit Hill, but since we are too tired to walked, we decided not to went there and just to downtown, to eat and call it a day.

You can see in our faces that we're too tired yet we enjoyed the day.

Atleast for a day, we escaped from reality, the toxicity of people around us. This became my breather and for once I forgot all the negativity that surrounds me.

Tired but enjoy.


Sorry for the low quality and few photos. I captured everything in my eyes.😁

The place is superb.

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2 years ago


Nice view and place, very relaxing. I want to go there... hehe

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2 years ago

You should come and visit. 😊

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2 years ago

Oh my.. Bet ko jan. Gusto ko dn tlga madalaw Mt. Mayon in the future

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2 years ago

Maganda sya. Visit ka kapag summer para kita mo talaga ang Mayon.

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2 years ago