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Love, Friendship and Betrayal...

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10 months ago

Good day and blessed Sunday everyone. I am a bit excited while writing this article since the subject matter includes love and friendship. Since our school days has ended, I have plenty of time watching some movies and reading some stories online too. I was able to watch movies about friendship, love and marriage and infidelity. So this is where my idea comes from why I am writing this topic.


Yesterday I did watched an old movie, casted by Bette Medler and Barbara Hershey.The movie is entitled "Beaches" this was actually released in 1988. My mom actually mentioned this movie to me, she said I must have some tissue if I'll watch this movie. It is actually a story about what a real friend is. And yes my mom is right, I cried a river while watching and the musical background "Wind beneath my wings" got me carried away. The way I described the relationship of having a real friends is, that person must know both the good and bad side of me. She knows my imperfections too. And if I am not behaving well, he or she will not be hesitant to correct me. A best friend for me is somebody who can accepts me, my flaws and my everything. Somebody who will give me a hand when life knocks me down, a confidant, somebody who will be there celebrating with me in my happy days. It doesn't matter if we have that indifferences and misunderstanding at times, at the end of the day we just laugh it off. I have this two friends of mine that I really consider them true friend because they do the things thay I have mentioned above. If ever I mis behave they will remind me. And tell me things, advises that is good to me. Nowadays, its hard to find true friends. You will hardly know if they can be trusted or not. If you have one then you must be fortunate, value it. Take care of the friendship that you have as precious as diamonds, to make it last forever.

my friends enjoying and dancing in the rain...


This I think is the most overused and misused word of all time. I said it because, a lot of people talk about love, what is love and even say we are in love yet aren't able to show what true love is. Biblically love has a lot of meaning, if you happened to read one of the verses in the Bible from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, it says,"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." So might as well contemplate on this bible passage and assess yourself if you are obeying or doing this, then you are good to speak the word love. If you are having some confusion as to what is a true love is and how does it feel? That is so simple, think of your parents and look at them. Think of the many hardship and sacrifices they keep on battling everyday just to give us good life and good education. Think how your dad or your mom work so hard just to finance the families needs, the roof over your head and the food on your table, your education. Isn't it love? And when Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, He was mocked and insulted, He was bitten yet He endures all the pain because of love. He truly loves us. Love is not just for material things but its more on how we value and respect people. How we take care for ourselves. This is but an example of what true love is.

No greater love than this...


When we talked about betrayal doesn't necessarily means infidelity, it has a lot of factors. Infidelity is just one of the many instances that leads to betrayal. If you happened to cheat during your exams on your online classes, that's one example of betrayal because you are betraying yourself of the right learning that you must have. Instead of paying attention and listening to your teacher, you are busy playing an online game which resulted to your failing grade.With that you betrayed the trust that your parents gave you, because they expect that you are studying your lessons well.

But in marriage, you do have a vow, you promised not just to your husband or wife, but you have promised your marriage vows to God. The very sacred line that you can hear every wedding ceremony is " for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part". This is your vow, this is your promise to God that nothing and no one can separate you. But what happened with our society right now. Even in one TV show, most of the issues been taken is about marital problems and infidelity. Very sad and disappointing but apparently that's the real issues nowadays. And to be fair it's not only men who's doing it there were also many cases where the girlfriend or the wife did the betrayal. Some who's been a victim of this kind of betrayal felt that their partners has fallen out of love with them or maybe because they don't have enough time and that their busy with their careers reason why their partners look for somebody who could give them more time. For me, this is an unfair reason, falling in out of love was just their excuse for the mistakes they did. God has given you just one heart, one heart that you can share to only one person and that is your husband or wife. Many children suffered the consequences of a broken marriage.But we cannot blame them if they decided to part ways. Trust is a thing so hard to build but once broken, it is so hard to rebuild. Others decided to stay for the sake of their children, but everyday life has been a misery. That is why if you want to decide to build your own family, build it with God as the center of your marriage.

image from Unsplash

Closing thoughts

Nothing lasts forever as they say, everyone changes from time to time even your closest friends and married couples too. But one thing for sure, if you put God as the center of your every relationship be it a friend or with your family, chances of getting tempted is very low.Just give it all to God and do your part maybe you can say that there is still what we called forever.

This is all for today folks, hope you enjoyed reading and May God bless us all.

*Picture of Jesus in the cross is from Unsplash

*Lead image is from Unsplash

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Written by   47
10 months ago
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Friendship, love, and betrayal are like a package that comes to life. They are given to us to better feel like a human. God loves us so much that He wanted us to feel those things. Whatever happens, He is forever hugging us even with all the betrayals we experienced, he will give friendship and love back again to our hearts.

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9 months ago

God is our forever. Our peace. ❤️

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10 months ago

Indeed, totally agree on that.

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10 months ago