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3 years ago

I am a mother of four - three daughters and a son.

My first two daughters had their debut party when they turned 18. Now it's Trixia, my third daughter's turn to have her debut.

As she has witnessed how her elder sisters prepare and celebrate their debut, she has started to think on how her debut would be. At age 15 she has already planned for her debut party which will happen this coming December 27.

I remember, we were at Jollibee that time, while waiting for our lunch to be served, she wrote down in a piece of tissue paper the things she has to prepare for her debut. The theme would be Disney Princess. She will be Beauty of Beauty and the Beast. Her elder sisters would be Cinderella and Snow White. Her female cousins will be Pocahontas and Merida, while the male cousins and her brother will be Mickey Mouse, Shrek and Donald Duck.

Well, me, her mom, would be Maleficent. Am I really a villain? I kept thinking that! 😁

She doesn't want a big venue. She just want it to be held at our residence, which is fine with me. I don't have to spend for the venue.

Her give-aways would have been the rose of Beauty and the Beast. As early as two years ago, I started crocheting the roses but with lots of distraction, I only finished around 15 pieces. 😅

Her elder sister will be sewing the dress that she designed herself for the debut.

Last year, we started the ball rolling. We bought the cloth that will be used in making the dress. We scouted for catering services that are affordable but still has good taste.

But early this year, everything comes crumbling down... because of the worldwide pandemic.

She understood the dilemma that we are currently facing. She herself declared that she will not have that debut.

Her father, who is worried that she will not have what she longed for, asked her what would she want in replace of the debut.

She asked for two things :

  1. She she wants a pomeranian puppy.

  2. She wants to have a photo shoot for her to remember her debut.


I started scouting for the puppy but it is just so way out of my budget. A pomeranian nowadays cost Php 30,000 - 35,000. That's around $625 - $730.

I secretly talked to her elder sisters to try to convince her to look for other breed as I cannot afford a pomeranian. After several discussion, coercion and deliberation, she finally settled for a shitzu.

Last October, we finally found and bought a shitzu that is affordable and is just a month old. She named her puppy, YAMI.

Yami is the 7th dog we currently have. We have 5 Aspins (asong pinoy) and a black Labrador. But only Yami is allowed inside the house. Trixia took care of her from the start, nursing her as Yami was separated early from her mom.

Yami weighs less than a kilo when she was turned over to us. Now she weighs more than 2 kilos. She has adapt well with her new environment and with her new mom.


We scheduled her photoshoot last Sunday. We went to the Northern part of Cebu for this. Our first stop was at a Bamboo Farm in the town of Medellin. I interviewed a staff of the Bamboo Farm on how the farm came to be. It started as a banana plantation. They planted the bamboo trees around the banana plant to support them. After a few years of harvesting the banana fruits, they remove the banana plant and left the bamboo trees behind. The owner saw its beauty and soon the place became a local tourist attraction.

The entrance is only Php 20.00, very affordable as the place is still to be fully developed, like the rest room is still under construction...

Then the photo shoot began... and of course, Yami won't be left behind.

They also rented out kimonos for great photo shoot. They take precautions on the pandemic so every leased and returned kimonos directly goes to the laundry, which I myself saw when one of the visitors returned their used kimono. So we were pretty confident that we are leasing a clean one.

The sisters and the cousins joined in.

The next photoshoot was at the Medellin Aisle. This Aisle is a favourite of those motorcycle groupies. My brother, who was our driver during that day is one of them. That is why he knows the in and out of the north roads.

This is a very long highway, that taking a picture in the middle of the road is quite feasible as you can see from afar the incoming vehicle.

Next stop was at a beach in Maravilles, Tabuelan. It is two towns from Medellin and an hour travel.

We passed by the town of San Remegio and I was able to shot a nice photo of the sunset while inside the car.

Ain't that beautiful?

We finally arrived at Maravilles Public Beach. The sun was almost gone but we were still able to take some shots.

Now, she has a lot of mementos for her 18th birthday. What she didn't know is that her sisters are still organizing a small birthday celebration for her on her birthday.

I hope she can feel the love...


That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by.

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3 years ago


Do contact me when you visit Cebu. if I am available, would surely tour you around. 🧡

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3 years ago

Advance happy birthday to your daughter. My dog will also be celebrating his birthday on that date. Yami is such a cutie! I would really love to visit Cebu soon. She can still have her dream party when all of this is over. It was months after my debut when I thought of a theme for my party. So I told myself that I would want to have another themed party when I have enough money. I just don't know when. Hahahaha

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3 years ago