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Being in home quarantine led us to think of ways to do away with our time. Some were having a movie marathon, watching movies that they want to see but has no time to do so before the quarantine.

Some went into baking. I did that too.

Some went into gardening. I did that too. I now have a vegetable garden at the side of the house.

Some learned new crafts. And that is just what I did recently.

I watched tutorial on YouTube on how to do a macrame plant hanger. As I also want to make use old CDs instead of throwing them away, I found a way to just combine both.

Here is the materials I used in making the plant hanger.

Old CDs.

Cords - I purchased this cords to crochet a bag but the size of the cord is quite big for the bag so it was set aside. Now I get to use them.

I put holes on the CD. This is where the cord will pass thru.

I cut the six pieces of 6 meters of the cord and fold them at the center to make them into twelve strands and made a knot. This is for the handle.

The I divided them into three equal number of pieces and again tie a knot around a few inches from the first knot.

And inserted one strand of cord into the CD.

And again make a knot to put the CD in place.

Another knot was made at the bottom of the CD. This will serve as the beginning of the second set of plant holder.

This is done twice more as I intend to make three tiers of the plant hanger.

After the last knot, this is how the project looks like.

Sorry for the messy background.

This is my very first macrame project. Really needs a lot of improvement.

Note : the lead picture shows my improved macrame project.

Hope I was able to explain here clearly how this project is done.

Comment down below should you have clarifications.

Let's get crafting!

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Smart idea to repurpose CDs! I have been wondering what to do with mine and just the right type of cord to do the job. I probably may add another hole and add 4 sets of strings instead, or 5 to be safer in case of wind or accidentally knocking on them. What do you use to poke the hole on the CDs?

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3 years ago

That is better, to have more holes, it will make the pots more safer. I use a drilling machine with a small drill bit, just enough for the cords to pass thru.

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3 years ago