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May 8, 2021

Disclaimer : All views expressed and written on this article  are my own opinion and do not represent the opinions or the entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now or will be affiliated. If you happen to disagree with something that I have written I would welcome a discussion with you. Just drop down a comment or two.

I have been a book lover since my elementary and high school days. You may refer to my article  Novels for my book preference. Sharing here the link below.

For this article, I would like to give a brief review of books that I love and would like others to try and read it too.

I would like to start with Nora Roberts’s books. I would love to think that I have a copy of each book that she wrote under the name of Nora Roberts only. She also has written under the pseudonym JD Robb. I haven’t read even one book under JD Robb even though I know that it is Nora Roberts under that pseudonym.

 THE REEF by Nora Roberts

This is not the first book that I have read written by Nora Roberts but the plot sticks to my mind every time I heard her name.

The Reef is a story of a marine archaeologist and someone who salvages ships that sinks under the sea. They are in search of a legendary treasure which leads them to the depths of the ocean.

The way the ocean floor was described is so realistic, the beautiful colors and different sizes of the corals, that when reading the book, it looks like you are seeing what is in the ocean floor. And me as a non-swimmer, much more a diver, it is really a welcome read.

But one day last February 2017, I got to see what the seabed looks like. I was chosen by the company to join forces with a consulting company, Renoir Consulting, to transform our company. The consultants assigned are avid divers. So when our task is about to end, we were given a vacation, an all company paid expenses. Naturally, the consultants chose the most famous diving site in the Philippines, the Apo Island in Negros.

As much as I am afraid of the deep, I have to conquer my fears as they keep on prodding me, and oh boy, how glad I am that I did.

Wearing life vest, holding on to a life saver and our guide, I went down the boat and yes, I saw corals, small corals, big corals, pink and yellow ones, and of different shapes. Truly a magnificent sight and another wonderful work of the Greatest Artist that no one can compare.

Because of this experience, until this day of writing, every time I heard the name of Nora Roberts, I would immediately think of The Reef.

The BORN IN Trilogy

A trilogy is a group or series of three related things, it may be plays, films or novels.

Nora Roberts has a lot of Trilogy. And for me, Nora Robert’s Born In Trilogy is the best ever.

It starts with Born in Fire, followed by Born in Ice and the last book of the trilogy is Born in Shame. The trilogy is about the Concannon sisters who resides on the west coast of Ireland.

BORN IN FIRE by Nora Roberts

Born in Fire is about a glassmaker, Maggie Concannon, who makes exquisite works that shows reflections of her own true nature.

The book then describes how the glass artwork are intricately designed with the help of fire in a very hot furnace. A gallery owner saw her art work and helped her build a career. And well, as any story goes, a fierce attraction grows between the two and whatever was their scarred past is healed by a gentle and forgiving love.

Speaking of glass artwork, I once saw in Netflix a competition on glass art making.

Blown Away, is a competition of glass making by various glass art enthusiasts. It started with ten contestants and in each round one or two is eliminated. Watching the show reminds me of the story in Born in Fire. It looks like how it was described in words by Nora Roberts has come to life.

Note on Glass blowing.

The raw material for forming a molten glass is sand and soda lime, sometimes with a coloring agent, as needed. This is really a challenging task as you have to be alert and quick. The glass is gathered from the furnace into a blowpipe. While blowing the pipe they have to make movements to shape the glass. They have special tools to sculpt the glass into a shape they desired. They have to move quickly since once the glass cools, the glass art might break or crack.

Well, it would be better if you read the book or watch Blown Away.

BORN IN ICE by Nora Roberts

Born in Ice is about another Concannon sister who owns a bed and breakfast.  The story evolves in the harsh storms of winter in western Ireland. During this season the locals stay indoors and visitors stay away. But a mystery writer from America arrives as an unusual guest. He wants to spend the cold winter alone, so what a better place to stay but at the empty bed and breakfast of Brianna Concannon.

There is not much I can relate here in my personal life as we all know how bed and breakfast runs. It is just a simple room and free breakfast for the guests.  

BORN IN SHAME by Nora Roberts

Born in Shame is the story Shannon Bodine, a sister whom both Maggie and Brianna had not known about. She was the product of their father's infidelity.

Shannon Bodine is a talented graphic artist who works in a prestigious New York advertising agency. Her world is turned upside down when she learns the identity of her real father: Thomas Concannon. Respecting her late mother's wish, Shannon travels to Ireland. There, she met the family she never knew existed. And found love. The guy in this story is a neighbor of the Concannon sisters whom they treated as family.

This trilogy makes Ireland as one of my bucketlist. If I were given the chance to travel anywhere in the world, Ireland would be my first choice. She has described the landscape of Ireland in a way that you just want to visit there.

Nora Roberts have a lot of books written whose plot is in Ireland. It makes me wonder, did she really went to Ireland to write these stories? or Is she Irish herself.

Well, this is quite long and I might be boring you already. And I am also very sleepy now.

Will end this here and make another review in the next few articles.

Thanks for dropping by.


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I can't quite remember if I read The Reef, but since I have most of Nora Roberts' earlier books, I must've. The Born In Trilogy is among my favorites, too. I like Shannon's story best, although the first two I also treasure. You should try reading about Eve Dallas, the main character in all of J.D. Robbs' In Death series. She's a New York cop in the year 2060, and is a bad ass. The crimes they solve get more bizarre each book, but in true Nora Roberts' style, they are engrossing.

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2 years ago

Haven't read any JD Robb's book yet though I think I have one here. Will look for time to read it.

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2 years ago

Just a heads up: It's called In Death series because she's managed to think of very creative yet gruesome ways for people to die.

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2 years ago

That is what I am afraid of reading this. 😁

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Ahhhh... then you might not enjoy reading them. If you think some of the murders in her regular books are scary, it is 10 times more in In Death.

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2 years ago

Then I am not going to read that. 😁

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2 years ago