Armed With A Pen

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2 years ago

October 20, 2021

 Just a proud mother here.

I didn’t know that my second daughter, Danie, has written a poem for their school activity and that her poem was used by her teacher for their examinations. It was only the other night when while watching their favorite Korean band, Seventeen, they were playfully bickering with their dad. Trying to outdo their school accomplishments. Of course, she won because of this poem and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It was about our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Her poem goes like this…

Armed With a Pen

By Danielle Niña E. Saturos

A hero of the youth,

The man who published the truth.

A hero armed with a pen,

Who seek peaceful freedom since then.


Young and dreaming,

Rizal wasn’t blinded of what’s happening.

Scorned and brutally treated,

Filipinos by then were always defeated.


With the love for the country in heart,

He crossed oceans and families be apart.

A story to be told,

For the truth to slowly unfold.


Hidden in various pen names,

Rizal, like the little moth bravely entered the flames.

Keeping in mind the yearning for freedom,

He took the steps to his own martyrdom.


A hero to all Filipinos,

Eager for the peaceful tomorrows.

He opened the eyes of his fellow countrymen.

He is a hero armed with a pen!


For those who do not know who Rizal is, let me introduce him to you.

His name is Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. Such a long name for a slightly short man. He is more known as Dr. Jose Rizal though. He has written a lot of poems, one of which is the Mi Ultimo Adios or My Last Farewell.

He was exiled in Dapitan. I wrote a little about his place in Dapitan in my Adventures in Zamboanga article as we dropped by the place during our outing in Zamboanga.

Please visit the link for more info.

Thank you for making me proud my dear Danie.

Thank you my friends for joining me in my proudest moment.


 That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for dropping by.

I am forever grateful to these beautiful people who extends their support and love. You guys ROCK!

 Thanks for the 🧡🧡🧡.

Lead image by Unsplash.


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2 years ago


Ang galing naman ng anak mo ma'am Judith. Ang galing pagkagawa ng poem. Nakakaproud po talaga.❤️

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2 years ago

A proud moment indeed. Encourage her to keep writing!

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2 years ago

I did, but she is lazy now. Haaay! I kept on telling them to write for but to no avail. Even the younger sister now has a subject on creative writing, I encouraged her to write for read as this will be a good practice for her subject but I still get a NO for an answer. 😥

Thanks! 🧡

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2 years ago