The best Quotes from famous Mystics and people’s

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The best quotes I have found with all the best quotes from the lives of famous sages from different parts of the world and fields.

"He is strong, who can control himself when angry"._Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm)

"Success come when a person spends all his energy on something"._John

"Not imitation, not following, find yourself, know yourself, go your own way"._Dale Carnegie

"Truth is to be told once; Telling the truth over and over again sounds like a lie. Lies are repeated; It's not that I don't love you, it's that I don't love you"._Humayun Azad

"No one can help him who thinks he is disabled"._Jon Anderson

"Think more, say less and write less"._Jan Ray

"Make sure you are in the right place first, then stand firm"._Abraham Lincoln

"3 conditions for success: a. Learn more than others b. Do more than others c. Expect less from others"._William Shakespeare

"Sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick. Then don'r lose faith"._Steve Jobs

"There is no such thing as luck, it depends on the efforts and care of everyone"._Scott

"In this world, it is better to understand less and do more"._Samuel Johnson

"Those who wait get, and those who rush lose"._Abraham Lincoln

"No man can ever grow up by imitation"._Samuel Johnson

"If you want to get the top seat, start from the bottom"._Cyrus

"Knowledge is the mother of all wealth"._Rusho

"I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying"._Michael Jordan

"Many things come back, can be brought back, but time cannot be brought back"._Abdul Fazl

"The person from whom you will suffer the most in the future, today he is one of your closest"._Redwan Masood

"Better a poor horse than no horse at all"._Homer

"The helpless should not be despised, because people will be helpless at some point in life"._Gold Smith

"No slave becomes a Muslim as long as his mind and tongue are not Muslim"._Prophet Mohammad (Sm)

"Whoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in his world and in the Hereafter"._Prophet Mohammad (Sm)

"I fear God the most. Then I fear the man who does not fear God at all"._Sheikh Saadi

"Want to get close to someone all your life? Then keep it with friendship and not with love. Because love will be lost one day but friendship, Never loses"._William Shakespeare

"How much more painful is the pain of separation than the pain of death, Only the sufferer can feel the pain of separation more than the pain of death"._Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

"The power of falsehood is temporary, The power of truth is enternal"._Hazrat Solaiman (AS)

"Dreams are not what people see in their sleep; Dreams are the expectation of fulfillment, not letting people sleep"._APJ Abdul Kalam

"This world will never be destroyed for the bad deeds of bad people, who do nothing even after sleeping the bad deeds of bad people, that is why the earth will be destroyed"._Einstein

"Peace begins where ambition ends"._Yong

"As easily as an injured person forgets his pain, as insulted person does not forget the insult as easily"._George Lillo

"One sleeping man cannot wake anorher sleeping man"._Sheikh Saadi

"A faithful friend is equal to ten thousand relatives"._Euripides

"The importance of a great person is understood by his dealing with small people"._Carlyle

"I will give more priority to war than love! Because in war yoy either live or die. But you will not live or die in love!"._Hitler

"It is better to benefit the next but not to put yourself in the way"._Edward Young

"A jobless life is a living cropse wrapped in a shroud of despair"._Dale Carnegie

"Don't know anyone's past, know the present and it is right to know"._Edison

"Life can be compared to a cup of tea. The more we drink it with satisfaction, the faster we move towards the floor"._Crinate

"He who has not failed in life can never be rich"._ C. H. Spurgeon

"Sorrow can take care of itself, but if you can want to enjoy happiness to the fullest, you must share it with someone"._Mark Twain

"Success requires you to pay 3 values: Love, Hard work, and Working after failure to make dreams come true"._Frank Lloyd

"Yes and no, the two are the oldest and the youngest"._Pythagoras

"Where there is no hard work, there is no success"._William Langloid

"Getting started is the Key to success"._Pablo Picasso

"The success or failure of a person depends more on his outlook than oh his abilities. Those who are successful behave like successful people even before they are successful. This belief will one day come true. If you believe that you must succeed, your use will reveal it. And you will be amazed at the benefits of this approach"._William James

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