Four things that keeps a marriage strong

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2 years ago

There are some things a young man or woman needs to discover in the would-be spouse's life before he or she says I do, or else face the path that leads to unending tears. Any man/woman who does not have these qualities can be very dangerous. It does not matter what the young man's status is in terms of financial or social status, and it does not matter how good a young woman may be at home. If both mates lack these four qualities, then the marriage can be devastating.

1. Fear of God

You have no obligation to talk about relationships and marriage with anyone who is not God-fearing. This is not a religious problem at all. Fear of God is more than a religious belief. What we have called the fear of God has been abused within the circle of religion. The fear of God is in contrast to believing in God, and the main reason why society is bad today is that there is no fear of God. To fear God means to have confidence in him by letting God's law guide our behavior and conduct. It also means making one's judgment by God's authority. Couples who are involved in war-causing violence do so out of a lack of fear of God. No God-fearing man or woman can harm his or her mate. The issue of divorce is rooted in a lack of godly fear. Godly fear can prevent a man from harming a woman.

2. Presence of earthly authority/advisor

The presence of earthly authority or adviser plays a key role in keeping the marriage going smoothly and stable. There should be an earthly authority or advisor over a man or a woman to whom they submit for knowledge, instruction, guidance, and correction. A couple who has no authority or counselor can easily break up in any minor case. This is very necessary for a man, there must be someone to call him to order, someone who will tell him "look man, this thing you are doing is wrong". If these were not, such a home would be a battleground. When no one obeys him, such a person becomes a god himself. No matter how much a man or woman can be wrong if one of them can listen to the voice of authority such a marriage can face any storm.

3. Passion for each other

Before you think about locking the knot, your future partner should show a high degree of passion for you. Passion is a dipper sense of love, the word love is abused by this generation and is not a solid basis for consideration in marriage. Passion is an adjective appropriate to the size of love. Anyone can say I love you and that doesn’t mean commitment. When passion is lacking in a marriage, it can be devastating. Anyone who does not have passion for his or her partner will be unfaithful no matter how well behave the other is. Passion is what unites a man and a woman together not love. Passion is the key that keeps couples together all the time, the fuel that keeps the relationship fresh.

4. Responsible hands

There should be a demonstration of responsibilities by the intending couple before and after the wedding. Being responsible means knowing the full cost of living, knowing what needs to be done, and taking prompt action. This is not just about money, but anything that needs to be done must be done by someone. Anyone who escapes responsibility cannot be a good husband, same with the woman. A person who only loves and cares for himself or herself does not need to be in a relationship or talk about marriage. Marriage is a relationship that requires a high level of commitment. What you know you can't eat you don't share with your teeth.

In conclusion, patience is the key to finding the right life partner. All that glitters is not gold. It is not the outward appearance that matters but the inward part. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and should not be rushed. Time is needed to study, and to learn from each other. What you cannot change during courtship cannot change after marriage. Marriage does not change anyone on the inside. In fact, marriage is a place where your true personality is revealed. That is why you need to spend time getting to know each other. No one can hide from time, time is the revealer of all secrets.

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All your points are accurate, great write up ma. I pray God helps too in our decision, and help us see beyond what we can

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2 years ago