How do we overcome our doubts and anxieties? Part 2

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We started writing about this teaching two days ago, and this is the second part of the series. If you have not read the first part you can read it here. It's good that you start from the beginning of the lesson so that you can full understanding of the lesson.

Doubts and anxieties are real, we cannot brush them aside because they have adverse effects on our physical, emotional, phycological, and spiritual being. Brother Eli in this lesson, emphasizes the teaching from the Bible that will keep our minds and hearts safe and guarded until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's the true faith taught by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible that will give us peace with God that will keep our minds and hearts free from harm.

Satan the devil who is an enemy of God, and the believers, target the hearts of Christians to make them go into despair and worry. Doubt and anxiety are twin instruments the devil is using to destroy people so that they may miss the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We need to keep our minds and hearts safely guarded until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way for us to do that is to have the peace of God, and that peace can only be attained through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Only faith in Jesus Christ will make us triumph over all the devices of the enemy that may destroy our minds and our being. The heart is a constant battlefield. it's here we obtain victory over the devil by faith in Jesus Christ. If we lose our hearts, the enemy will take preeminence of our thoughts and plug us into doubts and anxieties.

Many people today are swimming in the ocean of sin because they have lost their minds. And when people get to this extent they don't care what they do anymore. They have chosen the way of death and want others to die with them. You can think about the case of a sex worker who knows so well that she is infected with HIV but still give herself recklessly to men to satisfy her flesh and also to transmit the HIV in her to other people.

Why people do that is simply because they have lost their minds, lost faith, lost hope, and everything valuable in the sight of God. When hope is lost people lose their faith in overcoming their problems, and lose sight of what God has for them which is beyond earthly materials.

Brother Eli explained to us further reading from the book of first John chapter 3 verse 3; Let's read it.

And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

Every man that had this hope in him purified himself, but why are there people who don't care anymore about being purified? Brother Eli asked.

Some people just don't care about how they are living and what they do and don't care anymore about anything in the afterlife and the world to come. The reason is that they have lost every bit of hope in themselves to sin and the deceitful lust of the flesh.

After faith, hope is another preservation of our minds and hearts. With faith and hope we can preserve our minds and hearts from being attacked by doubts and anxieties.

We need to protect ourselves in this evil world and that protection comes from God. It's the spirit of peace from God that will keep our minds and hearts free from the anxieties, doubts, and troubles of this world. And we can be assured of God's victory if we have faith and hope in God for what He can do for us that is beyond human understanding.

Having faith in God and keeping our hope in him will keep our minds and hearts at peace in this evil world.

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