Instant noodles with a Twist

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3 years ago

Instant noodles are the easiest way to have a meal. These meals are on-the-go and just boil a hot water. Voila! You have a food already. Thanks to this inventor of instant noodles, we have a convenient food.

Who is the inventor of instant noodles?

The inventor was a Japanese Man named Momofuku Ando . He is the Founder of Nissin . He invented the First instant noodle with a flavor of "Chicken Ramen". He thought of a way on how to preserve noodles in a longer term. Then he come up with an idea by removing the water in a steam and adding the flavored noodle with oil heat.

Nowadays, there were many innovative ways on how to cook noodles. Although this recipe is common nowadays, I just wanna share how to cook this in a fancier way.

Chicken Noodles Nuggets


1 pack instant noodles

2 pcs. eggs

Cooking oil(any estimated amount)

How to prepare:

1. Cook the noodles for 3 minutes.

2. Let it drain

3. Beat the eggs.

4. Add the seasoning and cooked noodles.

5. Heat the pan.

6. Add the cooking oil.

7. Fry the mixture one by one.

8. Put it on a platter and serve.

Presto! chicken noodle nuggets are done! You can dip it with catsup or soy sauce with vinegar. Enjoy! 😊

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3 years ago


Omg how does it taste and it look so delicious 😋

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3 years ago

It's delicious especially when it's hot.

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3 years ago