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Greetings friends of Read.Cash, I hope you are wonderfully well. Your friend jossy greets you!

A few weeks ago I found a very successful and interesting video on Youtube, where I talked about the motivations we have to achieve our goals.

This video referred to the fact that sometimes suchs motivations is not enough, because, mostly we live fighting with our worst enemy, which is fear.

These fears do not allow us to move towards the goals we want, we live thinking about whether to risk doing it or not, and we do not realize that the years pass and pass and we are still stuck in the same place. We don't give ourselves the opportunity to know if we will fail or succeed. And the truth is, we won't know if we don't try.

Fear, on occasions, is not the only factor that stops us from going for what we want or perfecting our talent, well, it happens that sometimes it is our inconstancy and lack of dedication, we know that we are good at something, but, we do not act on it. In order to perfect and/or take advantage of those skills that we possess, we get excited for a moment in a project and since we don't see quick results, then we change the project over and over again and at the end of it all, we don't do anything.

I have met entrepreneurs who have talent for business, they have ideas, but they do not put them into practice, because they do not have the money that is needed, to start the business as they want and in the end they just get stuck in the ideas, they say : when I have this or that I will start the business.

(I must confess that many times I was one of them.)

While there are other people who do and start small, with things that of many people around may seem insignificant.

I would like to share an example of a very special person for me.

My father-in-law was a very talented man for business, when I met him he already had his business established, but he did not get it overnight, he had the opportunity to tell me that from a very young age he was very independent and hard-working, working in a bakery for some time, he tells me that one day he decided not to be anyone's employee anymore, so at home, he started selling 1 package of bread.

It wasn't even 100 loaves, 1 package of bread, it contains 10 units in my city, his profit was reinvested, and he bought his second package of bread, and so on until he no longer sold only bread but also eggs among other other things.

Later, in the main market of the city, he bought a small place, a kind of canvas kiosk, which over time he managed to turn into a store, where he also sold vegetables, honey, panela, food for pets, for birds, among others. All with effort and dedication, because he never had to ask for a loan from the bank or from anyone.

And although he is no longer physically with us, he has left his legacy to his children (including me), grandchildren and wife, who, despite adversity, continues with his small business at home, perhaps not much financially speaking, but he can afford his expenses despite of the difficult and bad situation that our country is going through.

If you take an orange and cut it in half, it would be easy to tell how many seeds are in it, but if you take an orange seed, can you tell how many oranges are in it? It would be difficult to determine, right? Because the seed has a potential that will only manifest itself after a process of sowing, cultivation and harvest.

Insecurity also greatly influences our lives, what people can say about you

Personally, many people have pointed out to me the talents that I have and say that I am wasting time.

Until a few weeks ago, I risked uploading some short videos to youtube, I was very afraid of being criticized and not being accepted, but, I said to myself, what is the worst that can happen, that they criticize me for the poor quality of the video? ? that they don't like what I sing? So I did and have been thinking about doing it more often. I know overnight I won't be a great singer, but practice makes perfect, so I'm working on myself every day.

A few days ago, I read a post by my friend @Unity who wrote about the " If and But " very common items in our lives ; Reading it reminded me a lot of this video. We need more action than motivation, we need to understand that there are gifts and talents in us that we may not know are there. We need to start working on it.

How much potential is there in you that you haven't developed yet? You will never know how much you can achieve, how high you can go if you haven't tried yet. You will only know as you develop it. Take action and let God take care of the rest.

Thanks for reading me! A big hug and God bless you!🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗🤗🫂

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