Coincidence or Causality?

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2 years ago
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Greetings friends of Read.Cash, I hope you are wonderfully well.

As I told you in my previous post my recovery process has been somewhat difficult, but, as I have always said, things happen for a reason, at first I thought that because the doctor said 4 weeks with the cast everything was going to be solved and that after that my life would continue as if nothing had happened, but the truth is that no.

After 5 weeks, I decided to go for a check-up, since I said to myself that maybe in another week the bone would be completely healed. But, the truth is that it was different from what I expected, well, no bone callus had formed in the fracture and that discouraged me a bit.

Above all, because the doctor removed the cast and said that I should continue as if I still had the cast on. That filled me with more fear, because if he just hit me again in the affected area, the fracture could be displaced.

After seeing my foot, I felt even worse, it was very atrophied and inflamed, I really didn't feel it, I was very worried and I even thought that my foot was dead.

I spent another month without doing any type of foot support, however, during this time, my physiotherapist recommended that I do magnetotherapy to reduce foot inflammation and help bone consolidation.

With her help I also did some exercises from bed, since with all the immobilization time my hip was being affected as well.

After this month I went to the medical control visit again, you could already see in the X-rays a bit of bone callus thank God, the doctor tells me that I have to little by little with the help of the crutches support the foot, fortunately The owner of the rented apartment where I live lent me some crutches, since I couldn't afford new ones.

I started doing physiotherapy again, this time for rehabilitation on January 17, unfortunately, I only managed to do 4 sessions, because I no longer had a way to afford them. I try as much as possible to do them on my own at home, thanks to God and to the physiotherapist who explained a series of exercises to me and since then I try to practice them as best I can. And she also improvised a walker boot for me, to start putting my foot down again.

I know I've already said it, but I really thought that, after removing the cast, everything would continue as normal as before the fracture, but what I thought would be for 1 month has been extended to more than 5 months.

This has affected me both physically and emotionally, although I am not the first nor the last to suffer a fracture of this type, we are never prepared for an event of this type or similar, at least in my case, I have always said that we are not exempt from anything in this life. But, we are never prepared and we don't know how to react, at first I cried a lot, especially after the cast was removed.

Many people I know have approached me in this time, and some of them, I have been asked questions like: why bad things happen to good people? and I answer them: that sometimes things happen to us not because we are good or Bad, God allows these processes to teach us something, to strengthen us, perhaps we don't understand it at that moment, but I definitely think that there are no coincidences but causalities. The word of God tells us about a very prosperous man, from whom everything he had was taken, that man was Job, known as the father of patience.

This man was considered by God as a righteous and just man before Him. And even so, he went through that strong process, but, until the end, he remained firm in his faith. And that word strengthened me, I took refuge a lot and I have taken advantage of this time to practice singing, with a karaoke app. Music is Peace, on that I totally agree with my friend @Unity.

And yes, there are times when humanly we can't do more, but it's normal, we don't know them all, there are times when circumstances overwhelm us, sometimes as if it's not going to happen, but I've learned that, just as the climate has different seasons, they all pass, I think I have already said it, although this is not my best season, I am sure that with the help of the Lord Almighty this too shall pass.

I want to tell you that everything that happens to us in this life is an apprenticeship, we must take the good and discard the bad, for my part I have always characterized myself as being independent, I have always been ready to serve, thank God, but I had never been in the position of having them do things for me, of attending to me, that can sometimes make us feel pampered but, in my case, I have never liked being someone else's burden. I have never liked to depend on anyone.

This process has taught me to depend more on God, and to realize that I am not self-sufficient, that there are times when we can be down, that there are times when we need care and it's okay, because we are not made of iron, to confirm that everything we sow at some point we will reap, I thank each of the people, who by the way, have been many who have helped me this season and above all thanks to our God for providing everything I have needed until now! I know this too shall pass!🙏🏻

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my lines. A strong hug and God bless you!🤗🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻

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