Useful Application to Install on your Android Devices

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February 27, 2022

Have you already installed useful application on your android devices or Ios? Well if not this is you. Willy-nilly these application would probably gives you a lot of benefits. Application or apps are one of the things that made our life convenient like it's just a single click you'll be giving opportunity to seek information what you want. As today I will mention of those applications which are indeed useful in our daily lives. Let's start,

Morse Mania : Learn Morse Code

Source : screenshot from Google playstore

Guys if you have kids that you what them to learn something educational instead of allowing them to play video games why not just to try this educational games. You can also try this one. It will help you and your kids broaden your knowledge about prosigns and Codes such as abbreviations. Take a look from this.

Source: screenshot from Google playstore

Learn and train how to receive and send Morse code while playing!

Morse Mania is a fun and educational game that helps you master the Morse code by advancing through 190+ exciting levels in either audio, visual, flashlight or vibration mode.

In both the receiving and sending modes, the app starts with the easiest letters (E and T) and moves to more complicated ones. Once you master all the letters, it teaches you numbers and other symbols, and then proceeds to Prosigns, Q-codes, abbreviations, words, Callsigns, phrases and sentences. It's more complicated when you reached higher level so I think this educational games requires a lot of knowledge. But why not to try this one if your children like this. It's good they'll fascinate educational games than addicted to ML, League of Legends, COD, and many more. This games are more on virtual harassment cause main goal is to destroy their opponents. So for me it's no good for your children.

Mental Math Master

Source : Screenshot from google playstore

For sure some of you here hates math subject cause you have the hard time coping the basics concept of math. I'm one of those Filipinos who aren't interested in this subject cause I have a lot of failing grades way back when I'm high school and college. Hehe, I was so disappointed when my self that time when I am first year college cause our professor what's us to share our basic about fundamental knowledge of mathematics, which literally I don't have any idea cause my life when I was in high school didn't focusing academics all I want is just a passing grade, hehe I have a GPA of 77 when I graduated in high school. I've never thought I would be sent in college before so I'm just so idiot that time. Haha, When I decided to enroll in college I was so miserable cause my grades are small and I doubt if one the university will accept me. I still try and go in SLSU TO I was ashamed to show my card to one of the staff for enrollment. They said my grades aren't acceptable for education courses better to shift to business either IT. But still they gave me a chance to take the entrance haha fortunately I passed haha. I got a chance to proceed my selected course. Ohh I think I prolonged this story okay let's jump to the main topic.

Fun maths training for experts.

Boring math problems like 5+7 or 3×1?
You are looking for new challenges?
Do you like calculation games?
Mental Math Master is exactly what you need!

Exercise your brain with complex and tricky math problems.
Mental Math Master promotes the mental arithmetic and the power of concentration.
Try it and you will see, your brain will thank you.

Challenging arithmetics are waiting for you:
- Exponentiation
- Square root
- Logarithm
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Summation
- Factorial
- Equation

I don't know how to play this games cause I don't what headache haha, but if your interested just explore the application and you'll know how to play. You know what I don't want to looking for challenging arithmetic cause I think I'm so behind it. I was left those important basics that in lower grade it should be strengthened. Just allow me guys to share this basin d ay naay addict ug math dre and I'm sure for that it's @Aiah_05, for sure he is so expert in mathematics and he always wants a challenging mathematics problem.😊😊

Cooking Mama: Let's Cook!

Source: Screenshot from Google play store

With this games both children and adults can enjoy the game. Also, even if you make mistakes there are no game overs, so everyone can complete dishes. Furthermore, children who play may develop an interest in cooking. I share this to you guys cause a lot of you here have loves in cooking.

Make scrumptious food and serve it! Cook tasty meals with easy touch controls!T ry out this unique cooking game. The yummy food you'll create will definitely make you hungry!

▼Let's Cook!
Cook food by playing fun mini games. More than 30 kinds of recipes are waiting for you. Just do your best

▼Happy Village!
Serve your cooking to everyone at your restaurant. Create a big and wonderful restaurant that's all your own.
Harvest lots of things by going Fishing, growing plants in the Fields, and raising animals in your farm
Gather up lots to exchange for Happy Foods.

▼Game Plaza!
Play non-cooking games like "Help out," Play Shopkeeper, and Exercise your brain. More than 30 kinds of mini games are waiting for you. Aim to get high scores.

▼Other Ways to Have Fun
-Decorate the kitchen with various items.
-Make surprise dishes by combining 2 recipes.
-Watch realistic cooking videos for supported recipes.
-Watch an animated video of Mama's fun daily life.

Actually, guys this games is suitable for everyone like there's no way of getting harm with these awesome games. You can gained also a lot of knowledge here.

GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation and Navigation

Source : screenshot from google playstore

Promise guys this application will helps you a lot especially when you are roaming around the city and trying to find those address of a particular store, offices, clinic, and hospitals, you have this apps guys that will helps you to navigate the right way to your destination. Just an internet connection you can operate this application.

Best Maps app with GPS, Directions, Navigation, Offline Maps & Traffic Alerts.

Find shortest routes and directions to any destination in the world using GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app.

It’s never easy to get to the desired destination fast and easy. Without the right Driving Directions it can be very easy to get lost in the city, which is why GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app is here to help you. This app provide you Live Maps, Voice Navigation, Traffic Alerts, accurate Driving Directions needed to reach your destination.

Comprehensive Driving Directions, Voice Navigation:

If you want to use GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions while driving you can totally do that. You can obtain Driving Directions with simple voice commands using GPS Voice Navigation feature. Voice Navigation will help you to find any shortest driving directions with simple voice commands.

GPS Navigation:

With GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions comes you can easily see where you are located and how to reach desired location by using GPS Navigation on Map. Live Street View Navigation Map will help you to find Street Views to easily understand your current location. Satellite Earth view is best to explore new famous places & draw routes on Map with travel information, safe & fastest route. Real-time GPS transit map is best journey assistance, free navigation and GPS direction maps.

These are useful application that makes our life more convenient and trying to educate you and your children. If you have another application to add just take a drop in the comment section.

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Diko na ipu push yung brain cells ko sa Math hahaha, sa cooking nalang ako susubok 😂

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Okay yan lods haha, mahirap talaga ang math lods lalo na kapag hindi maayus ang pag aaral sa basics.

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Hala, cooking mama, chilhood ko yan hehe. Gusto ko talaga matuto ng Morse, maybe I will download that. Yung Math, di ako ganun kagaling hehe actually I failed one quarter sa Solid Mensuration, I just like the basic Math.

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2 years ago

Yes, just try any of the mentioned application at the end you'll gaining benefits dyan, good for those applications is free you can have those anything you want. Hehe na remember mo pala childhood memories mo.

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Yup, sa PSP ko pa nilalaro Cooking Mama hehe. All the best.

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Meron palang ganyang mga apps. Susubukan ko Yung mental math para sa aking anak.

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2 years ago

Ooh2 ma'am try mo baka sya ang magiging representative ng school nya. Ganda ng apps na yan maam , talagang mag hone sa ng skills sa mathematics lalo na yung basics which is very crucial na ma build sa bata.

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Salamat sa ibinahagi mong article. Sana Hindi ka masasawang mag share Ng iba pang kaalaman.

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Ohh thank you also for dropping here ma'am, just be consistent and making interesting stuff.

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Gusto ko yung cooking my friend parang nakakaenjoy. Parang need ko yan kasi parang stress ako. 😅 Para naman mag enjoy din ako. 😅 Minsan nakakabaliw mag isa my friend. Thank you sa pag share nito. ❤️

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Hehe, ganyan talaga my friend kapag mag isa lang sa buhay. Kapit lang my friend makakakita ka din ng mapaglalaanan ng oras. Nakaka enjoy yan friend about cooking minsan nakakaaala din nf stress.

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Oo friend. Minsan nakakabaliw ang sobrang tahimik at walang makausap. Hindi rin ako maka vcall sa family ko kasi wala parin signal dun sa province namin, diyan pala sa Southern Leyte kami my friend.

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Tagae kug kwarta sep kay ako blansi.on perug imo ko pa solbon anang math hahahah ngano bag way kwarta hahah. Hapit mn gani ta wa ka graduate tungod nang math🤣 atatssa kaba josepa ka ironic manang imo dhaa. Matamata hanas ko ana

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Haha, ayay idol raba nimo si kans, payter kaau ka ug mata mata samot na og naay solution sa imo g solve. Believe jud ko nimo tsor.

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