Focusing on the Inputs or the Outputs?

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Input vs Output

A lot of us are constantly working hard in jobs that we don't like, alongside coworkers that we don't really get along with and we do It on a constant basis over more than a quarter of our life time, and, for what? To tell ourselves that we're working hard, while we're not following the best route or getting the best results from our work. That's what is called input focus, just paying attention to what you doing without giving much care to the results obtained. However, there's an alternative to this, Output focus, where you look more at what you produce and are able to adapt effectively to make what you produce better. That's why in this article I will talk about the differences between a direct focus on the inputs of your work and the outputs of It, and how working less can actually be a good thing for you. Let's begin:

What's an Output Focus?

As I've said previously, an Output Focus is the kind of mentality you want to have when you approach your job, making you much more aware of what you should do to get things done and in the most effective way possible, by paying attention to what the results tell you by shifting certain variables in the process of solving It that might change what you obtain in a positive way.

Now that we know what It means, we can begin to look with more detail to the principal differences that exist between an Input and an Output focus.

Time spent

Many times, a person that uses an Output focus doesn't work even a fraction of what the input focused person does. This due to the fact that the output focused person usually sees the easiest and fastest routes to get to the root of a problem and actually solve It, while the input focused person is stubborn on finding the solution in a conservative, hard or even pointless way.


The satisfaction of an input focused person comes from the adjective of "hard working" applied to them, making them feel a little less depressed by occupying their mind with something to do. However, this doesn't go anywhere, as this will be only a way to mitigate the pain and mask the real problem. The opposite comes from an output focused person, that can enjoy doing the job while keeping in mind that they are certain factors they can manipulate to make the work actually meaningful and the process much more engaging.

Actual Results

As we have said before, It is much more obvious than a person with an output focus will get the dictated task done much quicker than someone with an input focus, leaving much more time for him/her to actually shift to other things that might require their attention, making them much more succesful and prone to achieve remarkable achievements in life.

I hope that with this article you could have learned more about what an Output Focus means and to find the principal differences this approach has when compared to an input focus, prompting you to adopt this way of thinking and to make you much more productive while investing less of your precious time. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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