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Love Story

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6 months ago

#Love_me too




Flood: Ahhhhh

(Then the flood became unconscious)

White: The forest bird

What happened to the forest birds? Talk about the forest.

(Then he was taken to the hospital by white and white people & everyone came to the hospital)

Niloy: Where is Babanya? What happened to my daughter?

Nira: What happened to the flood?

Companion: Where is Mamuni? How did so much happen?

Saeed: Hey, calm down

(Shuvro opened them all up)

White: Don't be calm, the doctor is doing the treatment.

If you break up like this, he will suffer.


Shuvro: Well, who would want to kill him?

Ventricle: nobody wants to kill you

Shuvro: Me-but why ??

Niloy: Well, do you know who that truck driver is?

Shuvro: No, I don't know.

I will recognize it when I see it

Flood: Shashshuvra you are fine! __

Dr. Akash: The patient has regained consciousness.

(Said the sky came out of the cabin)

Niloy: How is my mamuni?

Nira: How is the forest?

Shuvro: Doctor, how is my wild bird?

Akash: Danger is free now_

Who among you is looking for Shuvro?

White: Aa I_

Akash: You can go in.

White: Thank you so much Doctor๐Ÿ˜

(Shuvro went inside and flooded his eyes)

Flood: Where are you?

(Tears well up in Shuvra's eyes when he hears about the flood.

Shuvro: This is a forest bird, I'm fine.

(The flood blinked and saw that it was white_)

Flood: You didn't like Shuvro anywhere

Shuvro: Hmm

Flood: Where did you like it?

Shuvro: I like it.

This is not your condition for me today.

Flood: What is Emma saying?

White: I'm really sorry my bonpakhi love u โ™ฅโ™ฅ ok

The next day the flood was released__

Akash: Look, it wouldn't be good to be here another day.

Shuvro: No, I can't see Amar's wife in this environment.

Akash: ok as your wish_

Flood: White Where are we going?

White: surprise

Flood: 6

Shuvro: Hey, smile a little. This mode doesn't suit your face.

Flood: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ tai naki_๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

White: any doubt_๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

Silent: I told you to have a white accident, but then

I love him_

ฯ€: I am sorry sir I don't understand_

Silent: Johnny with him in front of me.

Johnny: yes sir_

Meanwhile, Shuvro brought the flood to a new place and a new home.

Flood: Don't tell me what happened. This is where we came from

Shuvro: Hey, if the forest bird is so impatient, it will go away.

Flood: This is neither our house nor your house, then whose house is this?

Shuvro: Oops, why do you ask so many questions?

(Bonya went inside with a sack of boredom and saw that the whole house was very nicely decorated. Then Shuvro took him upstairs.)

Flood: Whose house is this?

Shuvro: This is my father-in-law who gave me dowry for marriage.

Flood: Oops, it doesn't always happen if the Azairis are not cooked.

Shuvro: Tell me what to do.

Learned from you

by tha way go fresh come on i'm very hungry_

Flood: Tell me who cooked and poured water for you in this empty house

Shuvro: Look at that later

Just like that, your sick body, so don't let the azaleas get stuck in it.

Shuvro: Don't do this

Flood: Why?

Shuvro: How do you see if you close your eyes?

Flood: I don't have hands or I can't eat

Shuvro: I have hands but you have to eat with my hands.

Flood: I am the child of Shuvra (in my mind)

Shuvro: Yes, I don't have to scold anymore. Eat

Flood: Oops, I'm looking forward to it, I can't even think of anything in my mind.

Shuvro: It's done and you don't have to put so much pressure on the little head.

(Then he ate the white flood and ate it himself. He washed his hands and pulled the flood to his chest in one fell swoop.)

Flood: Ah, what's going on? Why are you twisting like a snake?

Shuvro: (Looking at the angry eyes, the flood becomes silent)

Over there

Silent: None of you know where the floodwaters have gone.

Johnny: No, boss, they left the hospital on a bumpy road.

Silent: Off set_from where Paris finds the flood_

Johnny: ok boss_

# Finished

# Forgive me if I make a mistake.

(Thanks) ...

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Written by ย ย 72
6 months ago
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Love is.... Perfect

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Thank you so much dear

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