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6 months ago

The Marine estuary is asleep. Almost everyone on the bus sleeps. Marine-estuary 2 people are sleeping happily with their heads together. Looks so cute. Sagar took a picture of 2 people.

Sagar: 2 crazy. May Allah never take notice of this pigeon. Then Neer called Sagar.

Sagar: Hmmm, tell me.

Neer: Are you both sleeping?

Sagar: Happiness of mind.

Nest: Hmmm, good. Listen, don't take care of your wife. Keep the thought too.

Sagar: I think later. Before that was my younger sister. You remember that.

Nest: I'll keep it. However, I can't sleep.

Sagar: You are sleep deprived. I will get sleep. This is not exactly the same as your sleep.

Nest: Siblings after all ... 😎 .. Remember you too.

Sagar: I will keep it.


The next day ...

In the afternoon ...

management: students ... i have an announcement ... Mr. Neer Ahmed Chowdhury Barshan

Marine estuary: Ah ...

The nest came to the fore. And everyone applauded. Without the sea. The estuary looked at the sea. Seeing Sagar, he realized that Sagar was angry. The Marines also saw the nest's eyes and realized that the nest was getting angry.

management: students ... 20 teams will be formed among you. And each team will have 5 students & 2 teachers. And each team will work differently. No team will meet with any team except at night. Everyone will remember that what is our mission? Our mission is to give all the necessary vaccines or vaccines ... Today a team will be formed. & Start mission from tomorrow ...

Nest: excuse me sir ...

management: yes Mr. Chowdhury ...

Neer: Actually I have no idea about medical camping. Then giving the vaccine again and again seems very interesting .... I also want to feel it. can i?

management: Why not? The team you can go with.

Nest: ok ... but let's make a team first.

management: right ...

According to the plan of the sea-nest, the marine-estuary fell into different teams. And the mourning between the two went after that. Every teacher even went to the management to keep them in 1 team. But it failed.


At night ...

Marine-estuary faces are sitting heavily. Then their 1st classmate Sumi came.

Sumi: Hey, why are you two so upset? It's only a matter of time ...

Marine estuary: A little time. All day ... that ... how will I stay ....

Sumi: You are over reacting. And now you are saying that if you get married, will you do it? Then you have to be different day and night.

Marine estuary: Why? .

Sumi: Why? Will the groom and the in-laws let you stay together? Practice loud pigeons from now on.

Marine estuary: shut up & out from our tent ...

Sumi ate the bush and left.


Over there ....

Sagar: You are in a tent ... Have you ever wondered what would happen if you knew about your forest bird and my beetle?

Nest: I used to kill chill. They will not come out of their tent at all. And even if it comes out, will it come to our tent or not?

Sagar: I will not accept that. But in the morning?

Neer: What happened again in the morning?

Sagar: You can't forget in the morning.

Neer: Yes, it's not good ... You will pick me up ...

Sagar: Ah, what a great thing. The mind went wild. When will Zorakbutar see us coming out together?

Neer: Hey, don't look at anything. Why do you always think so much? I am too much tired ... so please let me sleep ... and listen, please take mine with you when you take your torata tomorrow.

The nest fell asleep.

Sagar: I fell asleep when I saw this. Its so sleepy.


In the morning ...

Marine: Get up this sweet ... 6:30 p.m. 6 o'clock call time ...

There is no name for rising estuary.

Marine: Sweet rising. I see that the mind can sleep happily everywhere? That's why I can't sleep without home. This is the first time I've seen it. That sweet ...

The estuary has no name to rise.

Marine: Mis ............... to 📢 📢 ....

Estuary: Aaaa ... that

Mohana sat up.

Mohana: What happened? Snakes?

Marine: Shut up .... It's morning. It's 8 o'clock in the afternoon. Call time at 8 o'clock ... If not timely, management will pay ...

Mohana: Let me sleep.

Marine: Sweet ... 📢 ..

Mohana: I mean let it be fresh ... awwwe ki cute ...

Marine: Let's be fresh.

Estuary: Let's go.

As soon as he came out of the tent, he saw two black roses. 1 at to my forest bird writing. The other is written as usual mohopakhi.

Marine estuary: What are these?

Marine: I used to come for you for so long today for me too !!!

Mohana: Hey Toratato Devil gave the drum I am 1000% sure ... but who gave mine? Who gives infact every day?

Marine: its a million dollar question ... who is giving you flowers in this camp? Does he follow you alltime?

Mohana: Is that it? Who is he?

Marine: Anyway, I have to admit that the florist loves you very much. he really loves you ...

Mohana: i hate him ... & i hate love ...

Mohana threw the Torah of the flower.


Sagar: Nest ... Get up this nest.

The nest is sleep.

Sagar: Abbe, that rise.

Nest: Don't let me sleep any more.

Sagar: Won't you get up and pick it up and throw it in the water?

Nest: Hey, stop Hitler. Don't let me sleep for 5 minutes ...

Sagar: Shall I get up and kick?

Neer: Are you my friend or enemy?

Sagar: Whatever you think. Get up now. If we see them together, the Marine estuary will ask a thousand questions.

Neer: Hmmm, let's go.

Sagar: What do you mean? You have to go separately ... by at any chance.

Neer: Hey Marine-estuary may not even wake up now ... Well, let's go separately.

Sagar: Come on.

2 people came out of the tent. He saw the Torah of the black rose given by the sea below. Sagar's mind became bad.

Neer: You are not my sea. My dear .. then why are you upset? Mohana doesn't know that these flowers are given to you.

Sagar: Hmmm.

Neer: Express your love without making your mind small.

Sea: ...


A little ...

management: ok Every team leader will take care of their own team. Oops. Mr. Chowdhury, which team will you go with?

Nest: with team no 5.

Marine thinks: This devil drum will go with me.

Nest in mind: yes my dear.

Mohana remembers: Wow wow wow ... they will love and go around. I don't like to remember.

Sagar: Let's be late.

Mohana remembers: This devil drum seems to have come to spend time with Maroon.

Sagar: What are you thinking so much? Come on ...

Mohana: Who is this? Are you the same?

Sagar: Yes, I am.

Mohana: Why are you here?

Sagar: Because you are in my team.

Estuary: What? But why? Aren't you our teacher?

Sagar: so what ??? Doctor.

Mohana: It's weird.

Sagar: Yes, strange. Let's go now.

Mohana started walking with annoyance.

Sagar remembers: I will turn this annoyance into love.

Mohana remembers: I want this executioner to get more out of his head. There is no Maroon. bad luck huh ...


Marine: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

Neer: Of course ... how could I miss the opportunity to be with you.?

He quietly took the Marine's hand and started walking.

Marine: What are you doing? Shake hands What would anyone say if they saw it? There are 2 sir-mam. Someone will see.

Neer: Jab peer kiya to darna keya?

Marine: Kuchvi ... Charun. If anyone sees it, they will say it is bad.

Nest: No one will say anything. infact no one will look here.

Marine: You mean?

Nest: I mean look ahead.

The Marine looked ahead and saw no one.

Marine: Eki ... Where did everyone go ?? oh no ... lost ... now what?

Nest: Nothing will happen. That team is just 4 people. & You are a different team.

Marine: Kuchvi. Is that something? I have come to do such work and I will not do it?

Nest: Why not? Of course you will. But not with them. Stay with me

Marine: Don't talk nonsense. How to vaccinate people, children.

Nest: Give as you give. There is something in your box. Isn't it? And everyone has been given.

Marine: Oh yes, I forgot.

Nest: Hmmm.

Marine: But tell me what everyone will say?

Neer: Khetapuri is everyone's idea. I used to tell you how to leave you with others.

Marine: But sweet ...?

Neer: Hmmm, it would be nice to be with us. But who knows, maybe there is someone for him too.

Marine: You mean?

Nest: That means Coronato. Come on.

Marine: Strange. huh ....


Meanwhile ...

Sea: ouch moho ...

Mohana: sorry sorry ... I didn't want to. Believe me.

Sagar: I believe in you too. oh my goodness .. having a lot of pain. Who told you to wear high heels in this area?

Estuary: Where are the high heels? just 1 inch ...

Sea: shut up ...

Dr. Dhiman: are you doctor Sagar?

Sea: not so ...

Dr. Dhiman: let me check ...

Sagar: no no thank you ... whoever made a mistake will correct it. Barun before you.

Dr. Dhiman: ok ...

They started to go. Mohana also went with them.

Sagar: Where are you going, Moho? Didn't hear what I said?

Estuary: huh ...

Sagar: help me .. give me a hand.

Estuary: okk ... that

The estuary went to pull the sea. The sea did not rise and pulled the estuary upside down. The estuary went straight to the lap of the sea.

Mohana: What happened? Why did you pull me?

Sagar: Where did I pull? You are the one who went to pick me up. And you are blaming me?

Estuary: Not at all. You pulled.

Sagar: No. You haven't read the physics formulas? If you forget in 2-3 years? Is that right

Estuary: a ..

Sagar: You are doing 2 wrong things by yourself and you are talking by yourself again.

Estuary: sorry ...

Sea: its ok ....

Mohana: Let me get up.

Sagar: Did I hold you?

Mohana noticed that Sagar didn't really hold him. The estuary rose. Then he pulled the sea. The sea also rose effortlessly. Nothing happened to his legs. Sagar got up and put his hand on Mohana's shoulder. And the estuary moved away in one leap.

Sagar: What happened? Why jump?

Mohana: Why did you put your hand on my shoulder?

Sagar: So what do I do? Dara is in trouble. So for support.

Estuary: ...

Sagar: Come here.

The estuary is gone. Sagar put his hand on Mohana's shoulder. And the estuary began to dance.

Sagar: Straighten up.

Estuary: its tickling badly ...

Sagar: It's weird.

Mohana: Hey, what am I going to do? huh ...

Sagar: Talk less.

Sagar started walking with the estuary mixed with himself.


Mohana remembers: Dibbi is walking. Huddai is busy with my healthy neck. Shali Jallad Qutub Minar. huh ... looks weird. But Kala ...

Sagar remembers: Avi, the party has started. The fun of walking with you is different. love you In this way I can walk beside you forever.

Marine thinks to himself: How amazing it is to walk the path holding your hand like this. There is a lot of love and a lot of trust.

Nest in mind: What if this path did not end? Would have been pretty good. Your hand in my fist. What else does life take? Everything is like a dream. I don't know how it became real. I love you my forest ....

# Finished ...

# Forgive me if I make a mistake.

(Thanks) ...

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Written by   72
6 months ago
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well written post dear

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6 months ago

Thank you so much dear sister.

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6 months ago