What am I doing now?

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4 years ago

Quite some time ago I was spending almost all of my time building things for Bitcoin Cash and it felt like I was making immense progress:

Some people might've started wondering why I haven't gotten any other projects out since then - after all it's been several months...

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I got a lot of things going on though

... even though I haven't managed to get things to production, I'm still around and working on BitcoinCash just as much as I used to, just a bit more spread out over many things and on a bit more complex products that takes longer to get to market.

I've also spent quite a bit of time on doing things that is good for the ecosystem overall, but that is not things I'm doing on my own or things that can be "shipped" or "published".

So what are these vague things?

  • I've submitted numerous BUIPs. (118, 119, 120, 121)

  • I've done review and given feedback to a lot of different projects.

  • I've joined multiple working groups.

  • I've started a some new of projects (where2cash, CashIntents)

  • Talked with a lot of important people at the BitcoinCashCity conference.

Alright, but that's too vague. What are you doing now?

Right now I'm spending most of my time building on a commercial smart contract project with a small team, but I cannot share any specifics about the product. Needless to say, I've taken a deep dive into the scripting language of BitcoinCash as a result of this.

It sucks that I can't share more on this. I wish I could just tell the world, but this product is being done in a professional capacity under a company that is still in the process of being founded. It's all very hush-hush until it's ready.

I'm also working on a somewhat of a replacement for bitbacker.io that will be tightly integrated in social media rather than be a stand-alone website.

What happened to all the other stuff?

There's a handful of projects that I was working on before, but that I've put aside for now and want to revisit later on. I can't promise when (or even if) I go back to these, but I really want to do so - I think these projects are too important to just give up:

  • Cashual Wallet - Needs to change wallet library and add CashIntents and CashID.

  • Where2cash - Needs an add merchant view and database of local communities.

That's it, folks!

It's been a great journey to come to be a part of this community and I hope I will be spending many years to come building on the Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash that works and that by doing so I help people become more sovreign, independent and empowered.

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You did a lot. Thanks! I hope your current work will be successful.

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I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for your hard work!

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This article is really paying off. Keep the good works up. The good you do will surely come back to you

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