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Flipstarter - A unique opportunity

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1 year ago

The Flipstarter infrastructure campaigns are ready and with this article I would like to give my views as to why I think this is a unique opportunity for growth and profit.

Normally when you're speculating on the value of an asset, you commit at some price and then wait for the price to move in a favourable direction. You would do this because you believe you have better judgement, information or tools at your disposal that gives you an advantage.

The Flipstarter infrastructure campaigns, however, offer a different opportunity for speculators: a chance to impact the outcome, at a very low cost, and with almost no risk.

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"How does this work?", you ask.

The background for this unique opportunity is that Flipstarter is run as an assurance contract which means that when you pledge some funds to a campaign, those funds will only be sent to the recipient if the campaign as a whole fullfills. This means that you can pledge a relatively small amount of a campaign that you feel is likely to create a favourable outcome for you, and you will lose absolutely nothing if the campaign does not fullfill - and you stand to gain the benefits of a fullfilled campaign at a very low cost should it fullfill.

You essentially enter a situation that has only positive outcomes.

Consider this: If you have 1,000 BCH that are worth $333 each, and an opportunity presents itself that could empower the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem significantly and all you need to do is pledge 1 BCH to it, and get a thousand BCH's worth of empowerment, should you do it?

That is essentially what the Flipstarter infrastructure campaigns are offering: a way for those speculatively invested to put forward only a fraction of their asset in order to collectively improve the outlook for the asset class as a whole.

It is not everyday you can take almost no risk to pledge just a fraction of your assets in order to impact the valuation of the remaining coins you hold.

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Written by   224
1 year ago
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Quality article, very informative, thanks m8.

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10 months ago

Seems I am a week later but this no risk payoff seems excellent. Obviously work is required but the campaign to achieve its objectives and resulting reward. I like this bit "You essentially enter a situation that has only positive outcomes.". Will keep tabs on this one. Subbed. :)

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11 months ago