Diving Into NFTs at AirNFT

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And so it begins. I was playing in Trust Wallet and the DAPPs section and found AirNFT. I couldn't resist setting up an account due to how incredibly inexpensive it is to list NFTs.

I wouldn't have ever gotten to this point if not for my friend K1LL1VAN1LL1, who guided me to the Binance Smart Chain in the first place. I just don't understand how people, regular everyday people can use Ethereum with the gas fees the way they are.

So here's my first go at an NFT, which cost me a whopping $.53 USD to list. I call it "BNB Blotter #1", as it's a single issue, one-of-a-kind and it's a trippy LSD inspired theme. It's a GIF that I created out of a hand drawn artwork I created for another project and some work in Illustrator.

As it's my first, I definitely learned a few things about AirNFT specifically that I like and few that I could improve on.

  1. It's inexpensive. Literally, it is cheap. I'll repeat, it cost $.53 USD in BSC to mint it and get it listed. If my NFT sells, they'll take a 2.5% cut of the sale price.

  2. The UI is extremely easy to navigate. It's so simple that I actually found myself overthinking some of the navigation on the site.

  3. The Profile Settings and Gallery area for Creators is easy to set up and can be done in a breeze.

  4. The Landing Page is NOT great. In fact, it's kind of lame. The search and available filters are lackluster and I fear that my brand new shiny, newly listed NFT has already been lost into the depths of AirNFT, potentially never to be seen again unless a potential buyer is very specific with their search or they're led to it from elsewhere, i.e. Instagram, Twitter, here or there.

  5. Pricing Strategies are basically the Wild West, and I did a few searches for comparables and really have no idea what a "fair" price to list is. I know how much time I invested in working on it, and feel like I've probably not asked enough, but I'll accept that I'm new and need to develop some brand awareness.

  6. Lack of Royalties. I'd love to be able to set up a Royalty Payment. I mean, hypothetically some time down the road, someone could turn around and resell my NFT, my very first NFT at a nice profit and I'd be left out in the cold.

  7. Upvotes. You have to pay to upvote a design that you feel is worthy of an upvote. And, it costs $1.00. A dollar to let an artist know that I like their work?! And, pay a small BSC gas fee on top of that. For an upvote! That's excessive, and kind of strange to me.

Nevertheless, that's AirNFT for those of you who were unfamiliar or perhaps curious. I'll be looking into OpenSea and Rarible, and anywhere you readers might suggest. I've got some great ideas for other NFTs, including some really cool BCH ideas, but I'm not ready to deal with SLP and another new wallet, so it'll probably have to wait for now.

As always, peace (& BCH) to you all!

Thank you for your time.

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